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March 21, 2017

READER: Wead on googling hillary

He said if you google: hillary clinton cri

you don't get crimes that hillary did.

But if you Yahoo it, you get crimes.

Google skews the search

WRH: Yes, they are skewing the auto-complete.

READER: Listening to yesterdays broadcast, too bad about those thumbnail drives, I thought this would be a good way to distribute copies of your old shows and other important information. Casually leave one in the doctors waiting room, or the local market..
WRH: Better to talk to someone first and see if they are interested, then hand them a drive.

READER: snowflakes are a thing of the past

trying to think of a funny way to use global warming and snowflake in same democrat based joke.

WRH: I like it.

Problem is we still have snow.

And snowflakes.

READER: I noted article re Pope and Argentina

In Toronto at time of genocide I was part of a group that had been started to support refugees and deal with their problems through art

The leader of the program held a liturgy at worst of genocide

The Rwandans present marked on a map places in Rwanda where their relatives were killed

I can never forget the whole genocide

Christians against Christians

Just hours before I read about the apology I had by chance contact with two people who were part of the group

At the time of genocide I did e- Mail Catholic bishops- no replies

The Vatican had withdrawn the Papal Nuncio during the genocide but very quickly sent a new guy once calm

Priests and nuns accused of complicity were rescued by Church officials and many priests sent to Rome

Two nuns accused were sheltered In a convent in Belgium

After two attempts I finally got a sort of explanation from Belgium

And Argentina

Basic idea of lack of action by Francis at that time

The Mothers of Mayo Plaza formed a group to demand explanations as to what happened to their children

And children of disappeared were taken by military and adopted out often to military families

The Papal Nuncio played tennis with military


READER: Watching the hearings and wondering why Gorsuch just doesn't push his chair back and walk out ? Have an impromptu press conference stating that incompetent men are asking questions of a very competent man , and we need a time out. If the President still backs me for the supreme court, and the senate boys want to continue ,I'll come back.
WRH: Gorsuch has to play the game or he won't get the job.