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May 21, 2018

READER: "The Northern California judge ... has become the self-described "most hated man on the internet."

Man, da judge must be some criminal to win the very tough contest for the 'most hated man on the internet.' He's got lotza competition for that prize!

READER: " The United Nations' top human rights body has voted to send a team of international war crimes investigators to probe the deadly shootings of Gaza protesters by Israeli forces."

'Nah, it was just a nasty rumor; nothing happened; all's cool.' The UN Body

READER: I recall a TV interview before William and Kate's wedding. A local station was going around town and asking people why they love the Royal Family. One woman said, "We just don't have anything like that in this country."

I shouted at the TV and shouted, "YES WE DID! And we threw them out!"

READER: "Senator Richard Pan is pushing a bill that would make it a “crime” for anyone to question vaccines"

Perchance SenPan would like to publish the size and frequency of his bribes from the Rx industry. Could make for interesting reading ...

READER: READER: You have been very kind to Dustin but it is time to have a talk with him about calling every day. He is ruining your show. Please speak with him about cutting back on his calls. I have been fast forwarding the show when he comes on but now, after at least 5 years of watching, I am sad to say that I going stop because of Dustin. Please address this.

Mike, agree with above but for different reasons.

Talk to him privately. I know his heart is in the right place but, of late, he's getting overwhelmed by what's currently unfolding, which is only going to get even more 'head spinning'.

My advice to him is that he needs to step w a y back...time out to focus on practical issues in his own life.

READER: Mike, does anyone notice that for these types of events, including the Queen's birthday, presidential inauguration, everything is allowed to be in the open, and the media and governments never express any concern about terrorism, and never any announcements from ISIS or Al Qaida (who are they?!) ???

How convenient !!!

READER: I am not sure if you are aware, but your Podcast feed has not been published in the past couple days. First I thought it might have been you taking the day off, but your Youtube feed has new shows up there. I tried different services with no joy. Could you please have someone look into this for you? Thanks and have a great day.
WRH: It's being worked on.