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January 22, 2018

READER: paddock's gf's fingerprints on ammo

The mainstream media and many alternative news sites quickly forgot about the Las Vegas massacre October 1(because the "authorities" want to keep a lid on this can of worms!) but anytime it is brought up Steve Paddock is STILL listed as the "lone wolf" shooter or the "Vegas Shooter" without a shred of REAL evidence. By "real" evidence I am talking about that evidence that isn't just CIRCUMSTANTIAL. So far in a real trial the only way a living Paddock could be convicted would be by a miscarriage of justice(which is par for the course for anyone being tried by government lawyers!)

We're supposed to ignore all those muzzle flashes seen all around the concert venue with EVERY witness stating CLEARLY that there were multiple shooters and multiple firing points, several at ground level? Not one witness or video has shown Steve Paddock firing a gun that night! You would think that the "authorities" would respect the people who came under fire and include their narrative in all this. But you can't inject TRUTH into a cover up now, can you? If Paddock REALLY fired all those shots and there WAS proof, we would have seen it Monday morning, October 2! How can you ever respect authorities when they are constantly keeping the truth from us?

READER: I'm wondering if you would post, or let me post, a personal interest story for my Son. His Uncle passed away at 46 on 19 December of a heart attack. He left a Wife, two Boys and a Girl. He is a great guy, even though he's on the wrong side of my Son's family because he's on his Mother's side. TJ's mother and I don't get along, but I more than support that this is a very sad situation and will do what I can.

TJ sent me a YouTube link for his Uncle's hockey team that are trying to get as many views to move to the next level for the team. His Uncle was the junior coach for Carey Price and a Price Montreal jersey, that I bought a couple of years ago for my Son to give appreciation to Price's performance in the Olympics, hangs in my living room. It's retired and now remembrance of the fallen but not forgotten.

Would you mind putting an entry on WRH to help support the cause. It might get drowned by political posts, but maybe some people will check it out and support the team. The link is:

READER: I cannot say that I'm not disappoint in some people's reaction to a nuclear missile warning.

I matter what is said and done. When push comes to shove..When the shit hits the fan When the almost impossibility may turn out to be true .No matter how much information should have countered the warning being real. What does one do when one could be on the end of a mile? Duck and cover? Kiss your ass good bye? I suggest drink and stand on the you would an asteroid. So sad that people are simple sheeple.

READER: Because of shoehorning in so many new houses in old neighborhoods they are having to deal with water delivery system problems. Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (sold off to the private sector at a huge loss to us who paid for it) is instead of increasing the size of the mains they are increasing the pressure in the mains. If you have a house built just after WWII - major problems. In my neighborhood it is causing hot water heaters to leak or even explode, also plumbing in the houses. Only in recent years have pressure regulation valves been installed in new homes. None in these older homes. WSSC did NOT warn of this potential problem.