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April 22, 2017

READER: hope this email finds you well- loving the show as always- btw you mentioned you were looking for cell phone service - I use straight talk - a rebranded bulk purchased existing at&t broadband but for only $45 no contract/unlimited everything a month- I went crazy looking for phone+service in southern cali recently myself- so check out the website -No Im not in sales-just thought I'd save you some headaches- ask around on the big island its been pretty well received (yelp had some great insight on coverage). Have a great weekend and give my best to Claire-

READER: My hands are small so i decided to get an iPhone 5SE because what it is is: an iPhone 6 boiled down to fit in the body of an iPhone 5. Since it has the ability to zoom in on images by spreading with the fingers, i don't think it is a loss, the larger screen. I had a larger screen phone before and i found it took both hands to use it. Just sayin....... big kiss to you and Clair,

READER: Subject: show error on Bambuser

Hi Mike

the last hour of Friday's show is showing on the thumbnail below the player as 2hrs 20 mins, but when it's clicked on and loads it's only showing 1 hour 21 minutes. I've cleared files and restarted the site several times but it's still the same. It could be my Firefox browser that's acting up because it was playing in full, including Claire's contribution last night (in UK) but not today (Sat).

WRH: Bambuser is having problems. I am looking for a new service.

READER: I have to say... Claire in combination with yourself gives me a great campfire approach to what's really happening.. it's like sitting in my living room with a few friends and having a great conversation ...

Nice to see Claire is back in good health... and your team is such a great balance.... It helps when watching the frantic callers... I loved the looks on both of your faces on how you handled these calls... You and Claire give such a recuperative sense of sensibility.. Here you are ..sitting in the middle of bomb central.. and you both handle it with so much KOOTH.. LOL ( love it)... Hang in there!! SUPER COUPLE .. Keep moving!

READER: Will the US sniffer plane smell fallout from Fukushima and blame North Korea?
WRH: Isotopic tests would show a difference, but for propaganda purposes, who cares? :)

In the event of a nuclear test detonation, seismographs in the region will detect the ground movement.

READER: RE Bruce Jenner

You may have heard me swearing as I watched some of it now

Do not care what he wants to be

Just keep his mouth shut

He makes lots of money

I fast forwarded the series he made last year about his new life

His house is at top of a hill beautiful scenery

He was driving a very expensive car

And clothing, sunglasses etc

And I noted that twice in interview he mentioned God

READER: That bee thing was interesting because my pear, apple and peach trees didn't produce any fruit last year , now their budding , we'll see.