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December 23, 2017

READER: Aloha, Mike and the Lovely Lady Claire

I meant to call in Friday to remind you and your listeners that today, 12/23, marks the anniversary of John's passing. Maybe you can give a shout out to his family and fans on Tuesday's show.

We miss him, his insights, and the push/pull dynamic you shared with him on the show. He added a lot. Dustin seems to be another well informed caller that brings much to the table, yet no one can replace John's unique way of contributing information and discussion like John did.

I hope you and Claire feel better soon. Some colloidal silver mixed in a sinus rinse by Neil Med ($10 at most stores on the mainland) will knock those things out in a couple of days. Better yet is putting a few drops of Argyrol in it. If you are not familiar with Argyrol, look it up! It's a colloidal silver bound to an amino acid that makes it far more effective than plain colloidal silver.

It was used extensively in medicine until Johnson & Johnson missed their patent renewal and a friend of mine bought it. Now, whenever she gets close to closing a deal with a pharmaceutical manufacturer, they mysteriously pull out at the last minute. She still produces it in her own pharmaceutical grade lab herself, and it can be purchased at her web site.

It is an amazing product, and she has used it for 8 years to shrink tumors that were supposed to kill her in 6 months. She would be a great advertiser for RBN. I think that pursuing that would be a very mutually beneficial endeavor. Give it a try. You'll be amazed! I got over that flu in 2 days by sinus rinsing with it, and it is even more effective when used with a nebulizer as well.

This is not a "drink bullion" kind of solution. This is a "kick what ails you fast" medicine. It's in the dictionary, but the website has more info.

That said, just sinus rinsing with warm saline morning and evening is an invaluable preventative measure for anyone who relies on their voice's health for a living. Had I known about it when I was a professional vocalists, I would probably still be singing for a living. The increased resonance and quality of voice it creates is incredible. If Claire's choir all started doing it regularly, she would be amazed at the improvements.


WRH: Thanks. We miss John as well, along with many others who have left over the years.

READER: The hot fusion process using lasers, hydrogen and boron to produce high temperatures for generation of electricity is missing a detail. A large energy source would be necessary to power the lasers to initiate the reaction. Once the reaction is achieved does this produce a perpetual motion machine? According to laws of nature as currently understood, energy output never exceeds energy input.
WRH: It is not perpetual motion if the fusion itself adds energy to the output.

READER: There is a story from Wilfred Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario Canada which has gone viral in the English speaking world for the past month and a half.

A tutorial assistant played a clip from a TVOntario (government) debate on the use of he/she pronouns vs. ze, ke, or whatever. She was called into a meeting and accused of breaking the law. She covertly recorded the meeting and it is truly unbelievable. The recording is 43 minutes and will make your jaw drop.

The issues involved are many and widespread. Most of it is the authorities rambling on, but there are a few really shocking exchanges. They said that they had student complaints which has now come out as a lie. They compared her clip to playing a Hitler speech. (Which of course would be good in a relevant university course).

The issues go beyond pronouns to the heart of this radical subjective madness of creating your own gender, language, ethnic identity to having it respected and then to making it illegal when it is not. It is all about equating hurt feelings with some kind of violence. It is about me being responsible for your feelings, the obsession with feelings and the reduction of reality to personal, individual feelings. These issues are all in this tape.

They browbeat her into tears, but she held her ground and petitions are being circulated for all three of these SJW thuggish, fake academics to be fired immediately. You can listen. They are barely understandable. It is like a satire.

READER: Hey long pants drink more booze