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September 24, 2016

READER: I occasionally videogame (keeps the blood pressure down). I primarily use Steam on the PC to get my games. Well guess what popped up today...a "sale" on a videogame called "Big Pharma." And here's the summary:

"What if you had it in your power to rid the world of disease, to improve the lives of millions, to ease suffering and cure the sick and earn a tidy profit? As the head of your own Pharmaceutical Conglomerate you have this power resting in your hands. Will you use it for good?"

This is what counts as entertainment now. What's the sequel going to be, "Big Agriculture" where you get to play Monsanto?

It kind of hits me in all the wrong places right now as the 18 year old under our roof has announced she's going to take SSRI's to "correct a brain imbalance" and is ignoring everything we say about the dangers of SSRIs.

WRH: The only games I play on my computer are flight simulators, primarily Flight Simulator X and Orbiter.

READER: DO NOT LISTEN to rude pea-brained ingrates insulting your voice or anything else, Michael. You have the perfect voice, face and MIND for TRUTHFUL broadcasting! The vainstream media can have the fashionable, slick airhead celebrities -- the NWO's "poodles" as Robert Whitaker called them! Their total banality and blatant presstitution make me VOMIT!

We're having an impact! The main headline at Drudge is "FURY OVER ANTI-WHITE VIOLENCE", which I don'think would ever have happened before the present Trump run. The unbearably trite Matt Lauer is being crucified by his fellow liberals for actually kind of doing his job for once in an interview with Killery

Liberals are seeing which way the wind is blowing and the writing on the wall. They still don't have consciences but are modifying their behavior in their selfish, opportunistic way.

READER: Re: Hillasry leaving classified documents in Russia hotel room.

Hillary explaining: " It was Putin who came to the hotel room that day disguised as a janitor and stole those classified papers to embarrass me, He's Trump supporter, and he predicted back then that Trump will run a race against me..You know, he was skilled KGB and an evil man. He also like to peep in hotel rooms too, I heard"

READER: Is it possible that Obama could do something to the USA before the elections and then he could cancel the elections and remain President.

There are things taking place at an extreme pace in the USA and the world these last 3 months of Obama's Presidency. The UN speech he gave was very cryptic.

Your thoughts would be appreciated.

WRH: Anything is possible. The question is, how much are they willing to risk a revolution.

READER: Hey Mike got a thought on the immigrants. Now they are trying to get as many as they can get into the country before the election. With the landslide that Trump will win by I dont think they can get enough immigrants in here to vote and overturn a landslide. Most immigrants probably dont even understand American politics or who the players are so I think many probably wont even vote. So Im thinking maybe theres a different agenda. They know that when Trump takes over he is going to shut down the pipeline of immigrants. So I think they are trying to get as many as they can get into the country to blend the cultures together for their global agenda. They may be planning for what they will do after Trump leaves office. They could get power again after he leaves and they know that so if they cant stop him they may be setting things up for when he leaves, provided he hasnt wrecked their plans too much while hes in.. It will also be more difficult for Trump to deal with all these immigrants if they have a flood of them right before he takes office.
WRH: Except that the INS memo stated the rush to turn illegals into citizens was due to the election.