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August 24, 2016

READER: What would happen if a patient (or more) died and it could be proved that the inability of the hospital to access its information due to the ransomeware? Wouldn't that make the creators of the ransomeware something like accessories to murder, even if indirect?

This seems to me to be far more serious than the government wants to admit, unless they really are behind it.

WRH: If you can find the ransomware creators, and if I am correct and it is the US Government, good luck on that!

READER: Mike Rivero at has been complaining about Hillary hacking him for the last two weeks, AND IT LOOKS LIKE HILLARY FINALLY TOOK HIS SITE DOWN.

I do not know if it is a system specific error that only I can see or what, but when I hit Mike's site, only the ads and side bar links show, the entire column where he comments is gone. You can read what he put up by viewing his page source, but the web site will not render in my version of Firefox, and it is probably sabotage. And Mike probably can't see it. His web site, is from my perspective, DOWN and it has been that way for three days now.

And on that note, it would not surprise me after seeing Hillary's web request for professional "hackers" if it was Hillary's people who caused the problems with this web site. After all, if Soros paid for it, that would be EASY.

READER: If the glove does not fit, you must aquit. Remember that clever ruse?

NOW: If she opens the pickle jar; she's healthy!

WRH: Especially since it had already been opened to make it easier for her to do.

READER: Hi Mike,

Listening to the call from Boston, made me realize that us kids that grew up in the 50's during the early days of television, have something in common, the local television personality that had a show for kids.

There will never again be a time like the early days of TV, because the marketplace was not fragmented into hundreds of formats like today, there were only a few TV outlets, and they were local to your city.

In Seattle, the equivalents of your "Gus" that you guys were talking about, were guys like "Captain Puget" on his boat; "J.P. Patches", the clown; "Brakeman Bill, with his train sets and his hand puppet "Crazy Donkey" (I went downtown to see Brakeman Bill live in the local movie house, mainly to see Crazy Donkey), and Stan Boreson with his accordian and his Basset hound, "No Mo". Brakeman Bill was on a small local station not affiliated with the big boys.

I suppose our folks would tell us the same thing about the early days of radio. I understand you could walk down the street and never miss a bit of "Amos & Andy" or walk into the barber shop and ask if he stole second, that type of thing, even fewer outlets so that everyone was experiencing the same thing. People growing up today will never know that that was like.

"Fuck the FCC", right? They really did us no favors bowing to the desires of the greedy, did they? There are a few very lonely commissioners who fight for the "public good" of the public airways anymore, are there? We used to own the airways, all of us, not any more.

I wonder if you ever saw the doc "Empire of the Air"? It was fascinating that the mind of this gentleman named Alexander, who innovated the superheterodyme rado (to me it was fascinating that you could add up all the B+ voltages of the tubes of a typical AM radio and have them add up to the output of the power transformer rectifying the 115v house current into DC, I believe anyway, that is sort of how it worked, but it was Mr. Alexander who invented amplitude modulation. Then, as AM became so established, people asked why could they not have radio free of static, and this same mind that innovated that, came up with something so radically different, frequency modulation, I mean, that is incredible. Trouble was, a gentleman of Russian anceasty who befriended Alexander and saw the promise in his idea (the father of RCA basically, which morfed into NBC), had such a strong marketplace for AM radios. and would not allow this innovation to be marketed as radios, and FM had to wait for TV to come along, and it was FM sound that TV's had, until things eased off and later FM radios became more common, perhaps because it appealed to a more sophisticated audience. But I find stuff like this fascinating. My mom got me a subscription to a book club called "All About" when I was a kid, all about this, all about that, I learned so much from these books, like about Tesla and so forth.

BTW, that reminds me of your comment about Edison, when he came out with the light bulb. It was just a good idea, and you didn't have to outlaw candles, like they did to create a monopoly for the compact flourescents. But on the other hand, Edison was overly jealous of his DC, and fought off attempts at letting AC get a foothold. Tesla could have gotten rich off his ideas, and in some ways the Croatian was naive, but generous to a fault, he wanted to give his ideas to the world, and thank God he did.

READER: Hundreds of dead people found casting ballots

So? That's democracy. Everyone has the right to vote. No discrimination.

WRH: The Zombie vote?

READER: Hey Mike I just thought of something you have not mentioned. As we know the is rigging all these polls to make the hag look better than what she is actually polling. We also know there are some very rich people donating to her campaign. Now I was thinking. These rich people would only donate if they felt she had a chance to win. I bet the fake polls are tricking some rich people into donating to her. I wonder if they will be a bit angry when and if they find out theyve been duped.

On another issue with Ryan Lochtes sponsors. I wonder how many of these sponsors (primarily board members and high ranking employees) donated to Clinton and how many voted for her in the primaries. I wonder if any of them had similar mischief in their youth. If any of them support Clinton or had similar events in their youth then they are hypocrites. What the Hag has done is much worse than what a scared kid did when he was drunk.

READER: is the judge who wants hillary under oath...the same judge who was mentioned in arron russo documentary ?

the judge emmit sullivan who said the 16th amendment was not ever legally ratified.

WRH: That was judge James C. Fox who admitted the 16th Amendment wasn't actually ratified. The case was Sullivan vs United States.

READER: 'More Scientists Come Out Predicting Rapid Global Cooling 2016-2017"

Arrest them!! Arrest them!! AlGordo + California's goofernor

READER: Hi Mike--oh, I'm definitely on your side. Vicent Foster was killed, not a suicide at all. The Clintons were famous for their "Assissted Suicide Syndrome" fatalities. I read your WRH webpage every morning--what a treat! God bless and take care,

READER: "Neocons and Clintonites have launched a major campaign with the goal of direct US military intervention and aggression against Syria, potentially leading to war with Iran and Russia. An early indication emerged as soon as it was clear the Hillary Clinton would be the Democratic Party nominee. Following the California primary, the NY Times reported on State Department diplomats issuing an internal memo urging the United States to carry out military strikes against the government of President Bashar al Assad. "

In the 1960 Presidential election Richard Nixon had strong support from people who saw his election as a go-ahead to attack Cuba. Castro had come to power in 1959 and his subsequent decisions had him labelled as a "Communist" leader needing to be removed from power. Of course, John Kennedy upset this agenda and the rest is history. The failed Bay of Pigs invasion created many enemies of JFK, even though the failure was not his fault, even though he accepted responsibility Kennedy was finally over-ridden in his "anti-military/war decrees by being offed on the streets of Dallas in 1963. LBJ reversed Kennedy's NSAM 263 about withdrawing Viet Nam military advisers by the end of 1965 THREE DAYS after Kennedy was shot! He gave the CIA a green light to wage/foment war in Viet Nam.

What the USA needs, what Trump needs, is a running mate who can and will stand up to the war machine if Trump is somehow removed from the Presidency. And if there IS no one left to do this with Trump gone, I predict massive civil unrest when the War Party agenda gets put back on track. It will be like the 60's after Kennedy was killed with people protesting the Viet Nam war. Only this time the stakes are higher as it not only will involve a reaction against another USA illegal intervention, but also all the other unaddressed sores that have been festering on American life experience for so long now! The response to the protests will themselves ignite a civil violence in return. Martial law will be easily "justified", especially since we are now at war! All dissent will be dealt with the Israeli way, since Israel now teaches "our" police how to kill and get away with it.

It's a sad shame indeed that Syria, a nation of millions of beautiful vibrant people, who have been put through a living nightmare by USA foreign policies FOR Israel, must now sit and daily listen as to how they will be bombed and destroyed, just like Iran had to do for so long. Imagine if you will how a woman would feel if she had to sit and listen to fellow male workers talk about raping her. I think it's a fair analogy! Americans are so touchy when even the slightest "transgression" by some "enemy" nation is reported. Revenge always seems to close to the surface of responses. But maybe Americans should stop and consider what NORMAL people in other nations must feel when the transgressions are very real and destructive and deadly, and almost as a part of life, thanks to that same whining USA?

People will never wake up and oppose the war machine until the grasp the simple but true concept- standing up for peace in a war-based nation is far more courageous than going along with the lie-based slaughter even though you know better!

READER: Up visiting relatives...I don't have cable. Of course they have CNN on...I can totally see why it's called the Clinton News Network. Within 30 seconds some idiot talking head is talking about "god forbid Trump become president."

READER: On your August 10th show you were talking about movies that are remade with a PC cast. An example I can think of is the Honeymooners (2005). It has an all-black cast. Ive never seen it. I still get a kick out of the original Lost Episodes (there are 80 of them), and of course the Classic 39 Episodes.

You mentioned you like to collect flashlights. I recently got the Sidekick by Surefire. It is a micro USB rechargeable keychain light and goes up to 300 lm. Its pretty cool.

In addition to Hillary having no remorse, she also has no empathy.

Thank you for all your hard work.

WRH: I don't "collect" flashlights, per se. I just like to have lots of them around, the brighter the better.