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February 24, 2017

READER: I think the folks being given the "pink slip" are letting the true news out to the public. They really don't have anything to loose. Tons of layoffs in the corporate news field. PO'd employees.

READER: To : caller Chad :

With all due respect : Get a grip!

Secondly, to insinuate that wrh behaves like 'goole' by not re-posting the Silverstein clip....well, let's put it this way : Be happy there is an O c e a n between you and me.

How d a r e you insult a number of people who have tirelessly worked-behind-the-scenes - for years, without pay - to Inform, Educate and empower The People around the globe, especially in the US.

Once again, get a grip and, above all, do not project your frustations onto others during a phone call. Listen carefully to how You sound and what You said. Reflect on what you said. Channel your frustrations into doing something for the Greater Good, as opposed to sounding like a petulant, tantrum throwing : uninformed Jerk.

Phoning in to any programme, just to hear the sound of your own voice : is Not on.

Manners maketh the man.

p.s. Reposting the Silverslime clip would be a total and absolute waste of time and space on any website. Silverslime is very small fry in the big picture. And, if you don't understand what I mean, might I suggest you 'hit the books'....get educated and informed.

READER: Donald Trump could bring about world peace and his critics would complain that he put a lot of soldiers out of work.
WRH: Donald Trump could send a man to the Moon and the feminists would complain that he didn't send them all!

READER: Do you have a reference to the quote that Hillary said about taking down the others with her if she went down? I think it was when Comey was going to investigate back in June?
WRH: To the best of my knowledge, there was no direct quote. There were third hand reports, but even absent the threat, if Hillary does get prosecuted, those who assisted her inevitably will come under investigation.


WRH: It is a good idea, but obviously will be opposed by the rich, who have worked to create a society in which taxes are paid by the poor, not themselves, and they are not about to let that go without a fight.

It will also be opposed by the $2 billion a year tax preparation industry, tax accountants, and tax lawyers, whose jobs would be obsolete under such a simple plan, and who depend on a hideously complex tax code for their livelihood.

READER: WRH: "That's when I figured out that 'belief' was not a sound basis of thought."

This reminds me of a Russian joke about communist doctrine.

It's not scientific because it was not tried on dogs first.

READER: Best wishes to Claire for a speedy recovery.

I watch Keiser Report at lunchtime from youtube regularly.

Today I did a YouTube search for Keiser Report like I usually do, and was surprised the latest episode (E1036) was not at the top of the list - old versions were.

I had to go to the RT channel and browse the latest videos to find the episode I wanted...

And then I wanted to resume listening to your show on YouTube, and I was surprised it was not on my 'Continue Watching' list, since it was the show I was listening to before Keiser Report. I had to go to my History to find it.

I have noticed that since Trump got into office the Google YouTube search results have changed - and a lot of channels I subscribe to are no longer on the recommended list.

So I reckon Google are deliberately filtering out real news programs from searches on YouTube

All the very best

READER: I can't believe you were originally inspired by Mary Poppins -- and are willing to say so on air!

COULDN'T AGREE WITH YOU MORE! What a smashing movie! Seen these two marvelous histories?

"Mary Poppins: Practically Perfect in Every Way - The Magic Behind the Masterpiece" (1997)

The Making of Mary Poppins (1/6)

WRH: People have forgotten that Walt Disney was willing to take risks in new technologies. Disney produced the first commercial motion picture using stereo sound, Fantasia, multiplane animation for Peter Pan, sodium vapor shots (forerunner of Green Screen) for Mary Poppins, and so forth.

READER: I would love it if you could give us your scientific take on the end of the human species in 9 years because of Fukushima. Jeff Rense discusses this with Dana Durnford on his show. Seems we might last longer in the Southern Hemisphere.
WRH: With all due respect to Jeff, Fukushima will not end the entire human race in 9 years. But there will be a noticeable uptick in cancer.

The radiation from all the above ground nuclear tests is still out there, and we are still here.

READER: If you like your ObamaCare, you can keep your ObamaCare. Even if Government ends government involvement in ObamaCare, that doesn't mean anyone has to live without ObamaCare. You can maintain an ObamaCare compliant health care policy with your insurer. And if existing health care providers dump ObamaCare policies, because taxes will no longer be subsidizing the health care insurer's huge losses, leftists can create their own new health care companies and provide ObamaCare compliant policies to anyone who likes their current ObamaCare coverage. That is a free market. Leftists do not need government involvement to keep the health care program going. They need government to force others to accept the financially devastating program. And if leftists chose not to support ObamaCare on their own, then it will be them who are taking healthcare from millions who like it.
WRH: Nobody likes Obamacare. The premiums are higher, the deductibles higher; it was a raw deal for everyone except the health insurance industry, and even they failed to realize the profits they were expecting.

READER: Re: Smart Saw

I built my own router table last year. I Saw your link thought you might want to add the following to your comment. They are great places to get parts.

READER: is even better than it's sister It offers the same privacy and it allows to filter out Google searches altogether and does return Natural News no probs.

It neds to be configured in settings, but once that is doine you are good to go. It is a meta search engine and will therefore return true results.