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March 24, 2017

READER: Kevin Shipp on the powerhour this morning is going through all of the phony, false surveillance of Trump leading to false slanderous news stories against Trump. The people have no shame and Trump needs to fire them ASAP, if he has authority to do so.

I am surrounded by intellectual midgets who believe whatever swill the corporate media feeds them. I am in quiet despair over them, it goes nowhere to present the real facts. Thank you for your good work! Ralph in Ohio. (If there were no internet, we would be deep into world war 3 with countless millions dead, countries in waste, because their inflammatory lies would go unopposed).

READER: Sorry to hear ur car got "half inched" (Cockney rhyming slang for "pinched") And u got it back too !! . . . several thoughts spring to mind - apart from the fact the police "found" the car fairly swiftly. It's been my experience they don't tend to actually find stolen cars at all !! They end up excessively ticketed then get towed to an impound yard. Sometimes ya get em back - others ya don't.

Homeless / car less dude or dudette needed the "jam jar" to round up bottles & cans to get the money from recycling - asumming Hawaii does pay for returned soda bottles.

That was a cover to pop a GPS unit & / or listening devise in your car. . . . seeing you have (deliberately in the NSA's mind) afforded yourself a pre "complicated computer" assisted car they have had to go "old school & install by hand

Maybe , just maybe a group of "joyriders got hold of it. It would've had a good thrashing so an oil & filter change wouldn't go astray.

WRH: I have done one sweep of the car and found nothing electronic. What happened is that because my neighbor is HPD, the BOLO hit the radio very quickly, and they actually spotted the car speeding along a nearby residential road. Then they lost it, but apparently the fact that a police car had been after them rattled the thieves and they ditched the car on a side street without taking their recyclables with them. They took whatever they pocketed before they saw the police car, but left a lot of things behind, and left the engine running, which reinforces that they abandoned it in a hurry.

We are stuck with a $500 cost to replace the damaged ignition switch (which our insurance will not pay), but it could have been a lot worse.

READER: Adam Schiff, Democrat :

Before he was appointed as a Member of the Benghazi Select Committee, Schiff called the establishment of a select committee to investigate the 2012 attack a "colossal waste of time," and said Democratic leaders should not appoint any members, stating: "I think it's just a tremendous red herring and a waste of taxpayer resources."

Washinton Post, May 2014

READER: A Conspiracy Theory that became a ďConspiracy FactĒ:

Mike, My nephew went from a Harry Potter 'junky' to a heroin addict almost seamlessly. He is now entrenched in the world of re-hab and I kind of doubt if he will ever leave (criminal record).

Given some thought, I wonder just how they these Afghan guys get their product to market. Presumably, their product comes to the USA via airplane. We have customs, TSA etc. Doesn't it seem logical to assume that whoever is bringing it in has some sort of legal immunity that puts them beyond the prying eyes of basic law enforcement? Who has that kind of power?

I kind of hope JA and Wikileaks finds out something about this. Think of all the lives ruined by this enterprise.

WRH: Two facts you need to keep in mind.

1. The biggest drug dealer in the country ... is the country!

2. The "War On Drugs" is actually a war on the competitions' drugs!

I will use two examples from history to illustrate the problem.

During Vietnam, the CIA generated "off the books" revenue for activities not approved by the Congress by smuggling heroin into the United States. Opium had flourished under the French occupation, which led to the famous "French Connection" arrests, followed by the book and then the movie of the same name. I actually knew Eddie Eagan, the real-life cop on whom the Popeye Doyle character was based. But I digress.

After the US moved into Vietnam the opium trade came under US control. To move the opium around Vietnam the CIA had its own airline, Air America, which smuggled weapons and opium, the latter up to Khun Sa's heroin factory in Burma.

Bo Gritz did a book and movie that goes into more detail.

Once processed into heroin, the CIA flew it back into Vietnam and sent it to the United States, mostly concealed in the body bags of our slain US soldiers. All along the way, the CIA bribed or blackmailed local authorities to look the other way. This included here in Hawaii, which was a refueling stop for the aircraft headed home.

Second example.

In the 1980s, the CIA was engaged in an illegal gun-running operation supplying untraceable weapons to the Nicaraguan Contras. Once again they used drug smuggling to create an "Off the books" revenue stream, only this time it was tons of cocaine, smuggled back into the US on the return flights of the weapons planes, some of which were veterans of the Air America days in Vietnam.

The US end of the operation was in Arkansas, in which the untraceable guns were manufactured, and the money from cocaine sales, which spread all across the US, sold by dealers such as "Freeway Rickie", who openly bragged that the LAPD would never arrest him because of his CIA connections. The money was then laundered through a network of Arkansas land flips, S&Ls, and paid out through business "loans" (which were never repaid) from the Arkansas Development Finance Authority, created by Act 1082, written by Web Hubbel and signed into law by then-Governor Bill Clinton, who also provided security by keeping state drug investigators away from the CIA operation.

One of the participants, Terry Reed, has a very good book about what happened back then.

See how it works?

1. The biggest drug dealer in the country ... is the country!

2. The "War On Drugs" is actually a war on the competitions' drugs!

READER: RE: Schumer calls for Democrats to boycott Neil Gorsuch vote while Trump is under FBI investigation.

Wasn't Hillary under FBI investigation while she was running for President?

READER: I must equal the sentiments of several of your audience members yesterday about this interview. Dr. Pieczenik was doing his best to get out some information to the public, but was hampered by Jones for the number of reasons cited by the callers.

I am thoroughly alarmed about the information he was trying to get out, and would like you to be able to host Dr. Pieczenik at some point. I will also e-mail him, because I want the good Doctor to know, as someone who takes stock in his knowledge, that speaking on air with you is important to me.

READER: Hi, Mike. Iím guessing you had liability-only on your car. Otherwise you would have sent the car thief a thank-you note.

Twenty years ago, my younger brother used to keep me in wheels by supplying me with beaters he had accumulated (he was a teenager at the time). I lived up in Dundalk, Ontario (100 miles north of Toronto) at the time. One of the vehicles he provided me with was a 1979 Ford F-150. I want to be careful how I put this: it was a previously-stolen vehicle. Like your car, it had been stolen. The steering column had been forced open to reach the ignition wires. Then it was recovered and returned to the owner. My brother bought it legitimately from the owner then gave it to me. I registered it in my name. It had valid plates, registration, insurance, etc, etc.

Because of the steering column issue, there was no key. There were three wires (yellow, green, blue I think) and two of them had to be crossed with the other to start the engine. One time, I was parked next to an OPP (Ontario Provincial Police) truck at a grocery store in Dundalk. I dutifully crossed the one alligator clip with the other, started the engine, hopped in and went on my way. Cop didnít bat an eye!

I hated that truck. G.D. thing would literally get stuck in an inch of snow. I canít tell you how many times I had to pay the local tow truck driver C$20 just so I can escape my driveway in winter.

My wife is 38 years old. Nine years younger than me. Weíre finishing out our time here in Niagara Falls, N.Y. before we make the big move down to Orlando. She wants to start driving. She hasnít driven since she was 10 (Michigan redneck, I love her!). I told her, you want to drive? Fine. Iíll teach you to drive. But you learn here. In the snow and the ice. We havenít had a lot of snow this year. But when we did, I took her out to the local parking lots and made the most of it. I taught her emergency hard braking techniques. Skid control. I taught her how to counter-steer and to steer where she wants to go. I told her how to do donuts, and more importantly to get out of one. How to rock herself out of the snow.

And I have been drilling into her the concepts of safe following distance, shoulder-checking her blind spots and generally being aware of her surroundings. As a commercial driver, I have high standards.

Now we just need to get her down to Florida so she can get her learnerís permit, go to a driving school and drive legally in traffic.

This works well for us. She will drive the Nissan Frontier that I bought last year, which BTW is giving me a far better driving experience than your X-terra. I will buy Ė or more accurately go into debt for Ė a new Frontier, only Iíll make sure this one is a stick-shift. Real men use three pedals.

WRH: We have theft, but only for the car's value, which at this point is virtually nothing. We have always been a one-car family. I can handle a stick, but Claire has always had automatics, so that is what we get.

READER: My father listenes to your show every night. And its a good show.

I am really into music, and I play the violin. And played allong one time with your tunes. I like it very much. And I was wondering.

Who made these tunes and where can I find it? Because it is beautifull music. Especcially the one with the calm lady voice. And the message is good too :-)

Good luck with everything.

WRH: The full versions of the music are at along with the creators.

I think you may be referring to "What Really Happened" by Thaneah Krohn from her album "Kaleidoscope."

Much of the music is done by my wife Claire, who is a composer and choral director.

Her website is

READER: Chelsea Clinton/Variety Magazine

Should people receive a 'Lifetime Impact Award' when they are still in their 30's?

Chelsea's mother has certainly had an impact; .... not a good one by any stretch of the imagination.

I am so 'waking up', even a seemingly innocuous magazine is a tool of the globalists.

Mind your back, check six, be vigilant, ya know, be careful.

Ciao from Paris,

READER: Hello I have 2 thoughts today. With the down turn of cell phone and electronics sales do you think the tec giants helped to leak the CIA spying to boost sales of new "hack proof" products. Second something I just found out you can freeze your credit to stop fraud. It does cost a little but less then banker sold products.

Great program keep it up

WRH: I don't think the tech companies expected their little cooperation with the CIA/NSA to become known. They have been claiming their products are secure for decades; who would believe them with more claims about a new model?

READER: F-35C does the "C" stand for carp?

we have these new aircraft carriers the Geritol Fords its a great match

we have planes that can't launch or land on carriers that can't launch or land aircraft

its two not so great things that won't & can't work together. - awesome!

only the pentagram cracker could purchase such a colossal clusterfudge

but they look real cool if we stand by them at the air shows...Doh!!!

READER: When are you guys from alt media going to start admitting that the CIA is the enemy? The deep state needs to be taken down now. The world is watching what The USA does, We need to do what JFK was going to do