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October 25, 2017

READER: I watch your show everyday on YouTube. It is my only source of news.

I have no time for advertisements or untrustworthy crap news. I like how you tell it like it is. Good job, keep it up. I noticed that the autoplay feature never works with your videos on youtube. All other youtube videos seem to autoplay just fine. I tried a PC and a phone, both will not autoplay.

Hmmm. It's been like that for awhile.

I have a YouTube channel that after December 15, 2016, only about 1 out of 100 views get counted, if at all. My views are being ghosted I guess. I have seen views go backwards also on some videos. No more You in Youtube.

READER: Recently I was at a market and putting my groceries into the back of the car when I noticed a police truck with the DARE sign painted on the tailgate. My daughter was in grammar school back when the DARE campaign was just getting going. The policeman walked up to his truck and I asked him if he has trouble teaching the kids about drugs when the government itself is responsible for bringing drugs into the country. He said oh, well we no longer teach them about drugs, rather we now teach them to have more confidence to make better choices. so then I said so, the discussion of drugs is now off the table? and he said yes, now handle these problems a new way

READER: One of the reasons I like listening to you is that you give your callers/guests time to enunciate and articulate a complete thought. I stopped listening to Alex Jones a long time ago because he interrupts every 10 seconds, and rarely lets someone complete a thought. I also like the fact that you have a very broad base of knowledge (encyclopedic in nature and I'm guessing photographic memory as well?). I took a two year sabbatical and read 40 - 60 hours a week back in the 80's, and got up to speed at great expense to myself, but also to great benefit Knowledge is a tool to be used, in my case, for God's glory, and in your case to edify and lead your fellow man. Thank you.

READER: US is self dustruct

Sorry, don't mean about individuals but the US is on self destruct. Europe's problem is unelected dictators. Except Europe hasn't given control to Junker yet. So democratically Europe functions.

I wish you and Claire well.

It's funny trying to decide where to retire.

Once you had retirement funds. Now is savings. But retire and say yep did my servitude for the betterment of the world lets relax.. It's now say we want your money but we want you to die.

Logan's run.

Quick note on Hollywood. US has marvel. Rest if world not interested all films are now marvel. Who cares if bat man hits the hulk.

I love cinema. Haven't gone in months. It's triple the admission cost with food etc. But the film is, you want to see in big screen you then pay and see. Funny thing have Netflix don't even want to see films I didn't want to see on the big screen.

Marvel not interested. Not my culture. Political shit not interested because I'm 50 and experienced life and death and seen bodies on the street in Nigeria.

The arts are no more. Comedy is now a political agenda. Comedy can't perform because society is fractionalised and whatever joke some one is offended.

Gold silver. But then do I want to prep for a society in dark ages. In 50s do i want to cano as socity shuts down. Do i want to griw food. Do I want that perpetual earache as I grew up because antibiotics were expensive and now can't do the job.

I know what your are doing Mike. I'm a manager on shit load but can't pay off debts. Yep I support not only family but my dad and his legal stuff.

Anyway everything you do you are in dedt.

Remember the Oman and food supply in the final film. 1984 the Omen the blue print for enslavement but we're a warning.

No worries history rules society will stabilize. Society will kill or maintain leaders.

Sorry we live in the time if change.

Take care. I do my best . And when I think I need to walk into the sea I will. But rather take down corruption before I do that and know then my life sacrifice may help. Oops it won't. You will be murders before you expose. Thanks US for this ever nation now follows.

We fucked up in millions marched against It's a war. They did. Then they saw no consequence. We the people messed that up. We didn't follow through

READER: Well for years I have been listening to you talk about the uranium deal and I must say I am pleased to see it actually gain traction. This is one time I can actually validate with my own ears something a broadcaster has said. Rush constantly claims he has predicted or figured out tactics but I have never heard them myself. Good job.