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January 26, 2017

READER: Aloha Michael... that teacher and those anti trump cry babies must be eating madcow meat...and crazy beans...they are truly in need of psychiatric help...they are clearly out of touch...

READER: does the money going to israel annually enough to fund the wall ?

READER: What questions(s) would you ask at any White House Press Conference (if you were there)

Just a thought, but you might set up a 'question of the day' on as if you had been invited. At least it would make your readers think.

WRH: Not a bad idea!

READER: Hi Mike,I have been listening to you for a long time and have enjoyed your show.Unfortunately there have been too many call ins. With the same people calling every day it has become annoying and boring, especially when they try and talk over you.Sorry to say I'm going to have to let you go,and find another show.I'll try back in the future to see if things have changed as I value your opinion on current events.

READER: I think, from years of going to, reading your articles and learning from your viewpoint, that you would be able to cover important subjects that could/would be missed.

READER: Hey I just heard you talk about how the media is the enemy and youíre right. I have known this for years. The next time you talk about that you should bring up the fact that the media is strictly responsible for the drug war. It was heartís yellow journalism about marijuana that got the drug war going. Itís all the media since that has lied about marijuana and other drugs that has kept this unconstitutional war going. People have been killed by corrupt cops. People have had their lives ruined because they wanted to use a drug not authorized by the media and govít by wasting their lives in jail. People have had to suffer from certain ailments where marijuana would have helped a great deal. The media is also responsible for the deaths of millions of people throughout the decades. They help push all these big phase drugs that have killed and they have demonized marijuana so no one can see that it can cure cancer and many other ailments. They have also squashed other cancer cures as well. The corporate media is one of the greatest enemies of mankind. I hope Trump totally destroys the corporate media. They will not get one tear from me.

READER: I like your website. My question is why do contributors offer information in a video format. All to many times it happens. I can watch videos but not every time. Are we getting to the point that no one reads articles anymore?

READER: Thank you for the show, on the info today, on my opinion the companies of US & Canada involved, asides from compensation to the native Americans for the lands, maybe they can build a museum, memorial center & cemetery specific to the natives on that land & develop them as tourist attractions & students education in collaboration with the natives. - by JC

READER: Iím listening to Trumpís immigration speech and at one point he says a ďnation without borders is not a nationĒ I immediately thought of Israel. Wonder what he would say on that.=

READER: Disney does it

I would like to buy an honorary brick in the wall and place a slogan on the one we sponsor. Lol

WRH: I would put "Bang Head HERE!" on our brick.

READER: The MSM demands that there was absolutely no voter fraud is a pretty good indication that THERE WAS.
WRH: They are part of the problem.

READER: I am so saddened u didnt get to experience fatherhood

I know I would be devastated and I very much feel for your loss, having fatherhood just slip between your fingers. Does Claire have children from her 1st marriage? I know it's not the same, I am just wondering out loud.

Family is a funny concept.

Had my aunt manage to convince my biological mother to let her adopt me, my aunt would be my mother and my cousin, my sister. I would have grown up far healthier, even though they are not blood kin. (these beautiful people are related to me through marriage)

I know its ironic to be extremely maternal and protective of my girls, even though I am happily estranged from my biological mother, but not unheard of. Stefan Molyneux did not have an ideal childhood either and he is extremely paternal in nature. ( I discovered his channel a few years ago - I like to think. Philosophy done correctly - makes one think.)

Sometimes (just an opinion) the best "family" are those not related by blood. I am usually optimistic- but in this thought I am not: the world is a very fucked up place. Sometimes your best friends (and cousin) become your brothers and sisters. They are your family.

(insert laughter here:) I did have to once, but only once, explain why Aunt Sky looks different from mommy, and that's because she is from Taiwan and not actually mommy's sister. And God bless her soul, she's been trying to teach me Mandarin for over 20 years and it's just not sticking. But it makes the 4 of us laugh and that makes it worth it.

Separate thought:

I know many people have called in to your show and suggested their home state - should you do choose to move to the main land, maybe other parts of PA are great. But sadly I would not recommend my town. More liberals are moving in. As if there was a silent beacon or a secret calling sent out like The Call of the Wild by Jack London. (rumor has it, my town is supposed to be a new Philadelphia by 2030) But if you did - Claire would have an Alto and a very eager 9 yr old. (Monzie is a passionate singer- but she is smart and would probably try to score some Hawaiin rocks off you first. Cooled at different speeds and metamorphic related stuff. Liv hasn't found her "thing" or "things" yet, but it's def not rocks.

WRH: In Hawaii we have the concept of "Ohana", which means family, but not just the family you are born into, the family you choose for yourself.

READER: Hey Mike hope youíre having a good day. I have made a couple observations.

1. By the time Obama was a lame duck no one really gave a damn what he said. No one really gave a shit. Now that Trump is in everyone clings onto every move and action he does. Libs try to find anything they can attack him on and they usually donít find shit.

2. The demo keep bringing out these dinosaurs to run and they are doing it again already for 2020. What would happen if Hillary, Michelle, and Biden all died before 2020. Who would they get? I think the only reason they want Michelle in there is because sheís a black woman. A worthless one at that. If she were white I wonder if they would still be trying to get her in.

3.. With the media and politicians from other countries calling for Trumpís assassination before he has actually done much proves one thing to me. In my 51 years on this miserable planet I have had one piece of shit after another take that office (Carter might be the exception but I was a kid then) and no one put up a fuss like you see with Trump. This proves to me that both parties are wings of the same bird. That old bird that has been there for decades is having a fit seeing this other bird take itís place.

BTW you goofed on the radio show. You said Mumps leads to the Shingles. Itís not Mumps, itís Chicken Pox.

READER: Re: Ex-Scientology member opens up about ten years inside the Church

That would have been around the time that I spent almost 4 weeks on the same Freewinds ship. Although I had the run of the ship, we were not allowed in the deepest part of the ship or the staff quarters. There were only 28 of us paying guests on board and we were told that there were about 250 staff on board, most of which we never saw.

The ship was in the news shortly after my trip (1995) for serous toxic (blue) asbestos problems, the most toxic of all. Originally the ship had been a car transport ferry but was scrapped because of the serious asbestos hazard. This is when Scientology picked it up cheaply. The asbestos was worked behind the walls during the conversion into a cruise ship. But tests showed that the air conditioning kept spreading the dust anyway. Because of the asbestos, it was no longer allowed in certain Caribbean ports.

I read that staff on the ship had three as many cancer problems than the land based Scientologists.

READER: Tom Lehrer

Tom is still with us. He is 88 years old and has what appear to be 5lb eyeglasses.

READER: where does the jump the shark quote originate from ?

what does jump the shark mean ?

WRH: It's a show business term and refers to the final season of the TV series "Happy Days."

Having exhausted all possible story lines in the previous seasons, the final season had an episode which featured The Fonz on waters skies jumping over a caged shark. That scene was a signal that the show had run out of story ideas and was coming to an end.

READER: Thank you for the help, could you please translate "nemo vir est qui mundum non reddat meliorem"? They didn't teach us Latin where I went to high school.
WRH: "No man is a man who does not make the world better." I picked it up from the movie "Kingdom of Heaven" and I adopted it as a personal motto in place of the official Rivero family Motto, "Secos Rivos Aquarium" which means "Along Rivers of Water", and don't ask me what it is supposed to mean because I haven't a clue!

READER: I follow with interest your reports of snow where there aught not to be snow. Up here in the North, our trusty almanac told us to be ready for a winter that would combine TONS OF SNOW with VERY COLD.

And, for a time, it was happening. I was worried I'd have to shovel my roof off. I burned through a large chunk of my firewood for heat.

But then, suddenly..boom, we were above zero and it was raining. For most of January, it has been well above what it should be. It was proving my almanac wrong.

And here it is the last week of January and it's going to be above zero again all night...our snow is almost completely gone (and that's a feat, given how much snow we got in december).

I mentioned to the wife that the volcanic activity is almost certainly the cause. Then I read that el Nino may be active again. The amount of volcanic activity around the globe is astounding and I have no doubt this is contributing to the "early spring" we're getting here in January.

Even the climate-cult believers around me are talking about the volcanic influence.

It will be interesting to see what happens in February. We always get our lowest temperatures in Feb.

This whole winter has been a tug of war between the volcanoes and the maunder minimum. One week we're above zero the next we're at -15 C.

READER: The question of when life begins...

Ask them this, do single cell organisms live?

READER: Re: Google Permanently Bans 200 "Fake News" Sites

mike ? truth news (their fake news) did you make the list? they wont tell us who they are..interesting!:-)

WRH: Google has never accepted me as an advertiser.

READER: any news outlet who tries to repackage clinton for a new run for office needs to be outed

it seems like this clinton roaches just wont die.

READER: What social media you would recommend, i want to meet more like minded people, and facebook is getting on my nerves with all the snowflakes / ignorant posts.
WRH: At the moment I am trying out,, and

READER: The Boston mayor has just broke US code 8 section 1324 and a bunch of sub sections...

these libtards better wake up or they could be in for some prison time.

READER: FYI: Alex Jones Beats You to It

He just said on air a few minutes ago:

"...time to boycott Hollywood..."

This was in the context of Chinese interests taking increasing control of content.

I've been boycotting Hollywood for years. With all the anti-Trump and pro-Hillary propaganda they promoted, why can't you get behind this?

WRH: I am behind it. I started talking about boycotting Hollywood back when those has-been stars made those videos attacking Trump.

READER: Re: Secret Service Agent O'Grady

I read this story last night.

The worst thing it says about us is that Trump's admin. is trying to kill our First Amendment rights to moan and bitch.

That is not why we put him in office.

WRH: O'Grady is in violation of the Hatch act.