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April 27, 2018

READER: It has taken a while, but it was only a matter of time after the rifle became a machine gun that somebody would realize that it was time to replace men with machines.

So now we have men sitting in offices on military bases, controlling flying machines that can wipe out wedding parties, with no more qualms than my stepping on an ant.


Westworld has a new season going. It looks like they are trying to get us habituated to lots of bodies in the street, on the beach, and in smaller groups elsewhere.

I cannot imagine what kind of producer believes this is entertainment.


Turner Classic Movies had Things to Come (1936) on recently. In it, they had a post war disease called The Wandering Sickness, similar to the Zombies in the more recent program they have TV.

Amazing how they can portray normal people; cold, hungry, gray and sick and only a problem to be addressed with a bullet.

Thank God its Spring and all these moldering ideas can be turned under with the weeds. XXXXXXXXXX's irises are beautiful this year.

WRH: Remote control does remove the horrors of war. When soldiers had to look their enemy in the eyes while they hacked them to death with a sword, it limited conflict. Today it is too sanitized.

I was greatly disappointed in the Season 2 premier of Westworld. It lacks the depth of the first season. I think they changed writers and the new ones are just focused on the robots versus humans fight, rather than the insights into AI and the nature of humanity that made the first season shows so interesting.

READER: Western Roman empire was collapsing and being invaded by Huns.

Illegals were awful even then!