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March 27, 2017

READER: I hesitate to use the term "depleted" uranium, because it is a lying term that the dynasty of death gave us, but if we don't use their term, people will not know what we are talking about. It is nuclear war , nothing less, now, bulldog needs his walk to go see his doggie friends in the neighborhood.

READER: Aloha Michael...let's not forget Hillary campaign bus waste in Lawrenceville Georgia sewer system...

READER: Yes, If Israel continues their shameless Pelestinocide they are laying the psychological groundwork/mood for a new cycle of pogroms. Thank you for your good report of this. Ralph/Ohio

READER: My son works for a dealership in Washington state. He said they are giving people 100 month loans and still people are defaulting on the payments. Dealerships are only taking a tiny percentage of markup so the salesmen are making next to nothing. My son sold an $85.000 fully loaded truck and only made $180.00 commission. It's bad out there. Good grief, my house didn't cost that much. It's insane.

READER: P(C)nis. You slipped one by, Michael.

*Chuckling silently*

READER: Hi Mike ,

I guess I better start telling you my name, XXXXXXX, Now that that's done, I sent you an email talking about Cuomo taking all the creeps,just can't get rid of these Exotic SECTION 8 ERS in the Gov they just keep falling into the distance waiting for the American people to forget who they where and what they did to us an then just bring them back again when the time is right, All better now, Here is the article, below attachment

Don't people realize that Obama care is Medical it was to get the Govt up our butts again, Once the Govt gets something they never let it go, this IS TO CONTROL US EVEN MORE, I heard Ryans garbage, That was to keep the control of rights to us for Govt control again, We had fine medical until the Govt got in and uses it against the American people, They keep moving the goal post up and up more rules, regulations ,Laws , then we have nothing, Ryan was trying to put in so the Govt has full control of us even more, Why don't people realize that the Govt isn't here for us it is here to control us and will take anything to make us more under their thump, Like these groups will say the Asian horny toad can't catch fly's lately because the is to many people ,BANG out comes a law or regulation or rules or make it a National park, they just lost more rights and gave them right to the Govt without knowing, When one gains a right, the other looses it.

These psychosis ridden morons think they will start a nuclear war , Go underground for a couple of month's then come back up to their utopia and bingo wonderful life, This time if that happens you won't be able to walk the face of this Earth for hundreds of thousands of years ,Good luck smucks have fun

The CIA and I believe the other three letter destructive Depts think the people really believe that they have snowed us all along, , Some of us but the majority I believe knew what's going on, I used a scenario ,I have called this all my life MENTAL PING ,PONG, They are in a theater and on the stage working as a prestidigitator on people and the plays keeps going on but the Audience went home along time ago, But because of the psychosis they still keep acting as if there is someone listening but know we really aren't there,I maybe don't realize we disappeared a long time ago which would make them even more qualified to be put away

94.2 % of all FBI Terrorists notice were false flags, This was determined recently

Short but sweet, I f the Govt is in it ,we don't want it

When Oblaim'a came into power he said he would remember who we are because he is coming for us, Nobody seems to remembers this, I sent an email to the White House telling them that when you come don't forget me, I gave my full name and address, And said I will be waiting for him, And thanked him for his concern with my safety.

I want to say that Mike you have to become more sensitive towards the loiterers here and pain and suffering they will feel and how mean you were not to condemn someone for stealing your car, You have a job and they don't so next time keep the gas tank full because you can't expect them to pay just because you are selfish person that only thinks of yourself, Be human brother, come on

The only thing we the USA have become it the ATM and military launching facility for the other countries in the world, we now know the game, Many of us for decades but they don't like it that they can't come from other countries and control and run their crime from this country, of coarse it would never do this from their countries. I have to be honest I never thought they would get this far but didn't realize we have so many traitors in or mist It saddens me

How come when they say Alla snackbar which is God ,Religious and they are saying their religion is against our religion but turn it around we can't say it's religion their using against us, Don't know


Does the Congress still say the pledge at the beginning anymore?

Whites have done so much for everyone in the world I am tired of this constant garbage from the garbage, When is there going to be a thank you to OUR RACE from the decrypted

In the year 2000 I studied and did graphs showing that Global fleecing was a hoax ,sent them to Rush Limbaugh ,NOTHING NO ANSWER

This Govt takes all inventions and bends it to us against us every time, I said for most of my life I am an inventor and all my items came out in the market and daily I come up with more, I talked about sound weapons , invisibility for solders , so many things but never had the money to patent, I submitted my ideas to a few companies and they were taken, I invented the collapsible ladder that's in every Home Depot, that was stolen too, But like you have built my own computers so I do the investigating and research into all.I said I DON'T THINK PEOPLE HAVE THE MORALITY TO USE THE TECHNOOGY of today , THE GOVT WILL KILL YOU TO GET ANYTHING THAT WILL BENEFIT THE DISTRUCTION OF us and to keep us in order, We are supposed to obey their laws but they don't ,The trick is to keep us in continuous doomsday feelings which make it easier to control and pass all kinds of garbage.

We have to tart calling these losers POLIMORTICANS instead of Politian's ,seems all they try to do is kill everything

Wake up ,25 years ago they were talking about the Smart grid, Then you need a sending control box in the house to use to read all the chips in the products we by, that's were it kinda ended, Remember when Obama said everyone should have internet ,Agift from the Govt again, I hate to but you don't need a box any more you have all kinds of frequnies going through you continuously 24/7 also WIFI, you get on your Smartphone anywhere any time, forget about the box, don't need it, the public has been snuccerd again, Also we fought not to get a system piped in the phone lines years ago ,I don't have the exact Letters but it was something like BTA ,I will send you the correct reference to this.

One more thing I think theGovt uses alot three letter org like FBI,CIA,FDA,NSA, PBA,ASS joke,because they can't remember four,sorry

sorry for the length, GOD BLESS AMERICA, Mike full speed ahead

READER: We must be as brazen and persistent in counter-acting the truth as the fake news is in selling lies. Thank you for your countless hours of work on this Michael.

READER: Twice I've gotten malware from your site. Check on this please as it's annoying as hell.
WRH: Make sure you do not have a browser hijacker. They have become a major problem.

I have a scanner service that checks my site continually and it has not found anything, so the malware is coming between my server and your device.

READER: I got this letter from the puppy site.


We have some good news, and well, not so good news regarding your account. The good news is, 36 prospective puppy buyers viewed your puppy listing(s) last week. The not so good news is, many were UNABLE to contact you because of your membership status. Upgrade now to make your contact information freely available to the next 36+ prospective puppy buyers. Your puppies will thank you ??

Follow the link below to upgrade your account:

IMPORTANT: As a courtesy to our visitors, please delete listings for unavailable puppies.

I think I've found "The Catch"

WRH: There is always a catch.

READER: does depleted uranium get dumped down in fracking holes ?
WRH: Yes.

READER: : who was really responsible for the oklahoma city bombing ?

was it is distracting false flag to draw attention away from something else ?

WRH: No, it was to push the domestic terrorist meme and to destroy all the evidence from Waco, which had been stored in that one building in advance of the Congressional investigation.