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August 27, 2017

READER: Today in my small Ohio town there was supposed to be a rally by the Invisible Empire (KKK). They supposedly had flyers printed up and put inside sandwich bags with 3 pieces of red and white starlite candies in them and thrown on people's lawns and playgrounds in the "black and poor" and druggie section of my town and taped onto a few local businesses with black electrical tape holding the bags onto soda reported by the lamebrained local newspaper. When I went to the alleged KKK site as reported by the rag...there was NO mention of a rally in my town today 8/26/17 happening just big cities for elsewhere and other times....not here at all. Someone had just printed up pdf flyers off their site.. We do not have a KKK chapter in my area at all!!!!

BUT BUT BUT now wait for it....the local NAACP President on Wednesday when the flyers were noticed by the community....he got an interview with the daily rag and TV news and said that he thought it was a great time to hold a counter protest rally on Saturday in response to the flyers and he would organize one getting some big names to come and speak at it!!!! He insisted he "didn't want any of those White Supremists coming to his town"!!! I sheet you not. Today when I was out and about in my car I saw a white stretch limo that was an oversized Cadillac Escalade with the initials BVIP (which is a luxury limo service with offices in Cleveland) in the rear window headed into town from the direction of Cleveland!!! Their rally was sked for 6PM and I saw that limo at 12:30PM. We don't have limos in our town period. That was one of those specially done ones that could hold at least a dozen people easily. Dark Tinted windows of course.

If this was NOT A SET UP by the NAACP then I'm little mary sunshine!!! As a side note the US 2010 census said my town was 91.3% WHITE and ony 2.8% black!!!! Hmmmmmmm What part of this STINKS TO HIGH HEAVEN I ask you?