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December 28, 2017

READER: It's time for an overhaul of the FBI and CIA. Both are out of control. Abuse. Overreach on their authority. They have "redefined" the scope of their mission statement. They are both guilty of acting OUTSIDE the LAW. Donald Trump needs to act now to bring back credibility and standing in both agencies. Clean house. No time to waste weeding out the bad apples. Any FBI personnel,( with a conscience to uphold his duties), left when James Comey refused to indict Hillary Clinton on destroying evidence before an investigation. CLEAN HOUSE.

READER: Identity theft is not going away. It is growing. Social media fuels the criminal enterprise of "Identity Theft". Time to opt out. Close out your social media accounts. Your life SHOULDN'T be an open book.

READER: If you want to know more about the crypto-currencies, you should try reach out to Clif High. He has made phenomenal predictions on crypto-currencies amongst others. Clif is not just into cryptos but into many many other stuff as well.

His background is as a trouble shooter for Microsoft in his early days and he has developed what is called the "Web Bot". He is truly someone you need to have on your show.

He does interviews all over the internet and the latest is with Greg Hunter.

READER: Please send my best wishes for a speedy recovery. I could hear her coughing during yesterday's show. I hope she's up and around shortly.

READER: I think that the latest Star Wars movies should be the tipping point that starts the FULL BOYCOTT of ALL MOVIES.

The only thing that seems to change corporation's actions are laws and money.. And the laws are not going to change..So money will have to be the tools used to stop the west into the feminist, PC slide to cuckism.

It can be worded into saying that men are HELPING the #METOO movement buy boycotting the endless number of dangerous sexist pigs who earn a living off of the exploration of women.

In reality..It's to stop the endless number of propaganda movies being made to make men seeker and seeking forgiveness for being men.

Sadly...There is no real way to get men as a large enough collective to want to boycott enough money new for longer enough to allow the pain to set in for the corporations.