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June 28, 2017

READER: So let me get this straight-

It is public knowledge that the White House is planning an "horrific" chemical attack in Damascus to be blamed on Assad. Am I missing something here? Was the "previous" chemical weapons attack originally blamed on Assad ever retracted? Has this "official" knowledge that now drives the present actions of the administration- that Assad DID use chemical weapons on his own people in an action that would be TOTALLY against Assad's and Syria's interests- really been accepted by the American public? What does it matter when we now overtly live in a dictatorship! 90% of the American people could know about the OBVIOUS false flag that the CIA once again tried to sell to the American public but who's to stop a runaway train of warmongering deluded anti-Russian military dinosaurs!

Don't American intelligence agencies- which draw billions in the defense budget allotments- have any clout when it comes to reviewing possible military actions "justified" on the alleged intelligence that these same expensive agencies provide? If every intelligence agency has stated that the chemical attack in Syria was NOT Assad's work, then how can an administration skirt around these assessments and go on its own false claims? Isn't there something called accountability when it comes to lying Americans into wars? Are ALL the facts behind the alleged chemical attack by Assad going to be screened by the Congress and shown to the American people? These are dumb questions for sure. The fact that this administration is using an OBVIOUS LIE to "justify" implanting another horrific one on the world only shows to me desperation on the cusp of madness! Thank God there's one adult in the room!

READER: I've taken to calling the Washington Post the "Bezos Blog" since that's basically what the paper has been reduced to.

It's pathetic...even when confronted with actual recorded evidence, these media whores continue to cling to the Clinton-created "russian narrative."

There is no redemption for them.

READER: Along the topic covered during your show yesterday.

About 13 min mark, David comments on how folks should respond when losing their homes.

After all, it was the bankers that caused the problem in the first place!