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September 29, 2017

READER: I've been following the story of the West Point communist army cadet for the past couple days. Very curious stuff and I have to wonder if we're witnessing another psy-op in action here.

Someone on another forum from France made a really good point: the French military are under very strict rules when it comes to internet posting and social media. They are NOT allowed to wander around posting selfies and making political statement. And yet here we have this Rapone guy doing just that...leaving a vast and wide trail of social media posts praising communists, alluding to upcoming Antifa action that will involve live ammo, and using Alinsky terms to describe his comrades like "radicals."

Are there no such rules for US military types? I find that hard to believe.

Further, on another board (4chan or something) they were trying to find out where this mentor "Rashid Hosein" actually came from. They traced him as far back as the University of Toronto, Canada. After that, there is indication what nation he originally came from.

Given what Obama did to the US military I guess anything is possible these days, but this whole Rapone thing seems way too obvious. It's way too easy to look at this kid's posting history and start thinking "Gee, McCarthy was right after all!" Something just does not add up here.

READER: I agree with you Michael. If I travel to Europe, it's to experience the culture, food and people from those countries, not that of the invaders.

I'm so disheartened with what is happening in Western countries.