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July 31, 2017

READER: Mike, regarding this big rig driver found with 10 dead and many more injured illegal aliens suffering locked in his baking trailer...

As a commercial driver I was very curious about his route to San Antonio, because first of all there are all sorts of checkpoints for big rigs around San Antonio on i10.. not only weigh stations and port of entry, but totally separate border patrol checkpoints. Every rig must stop and is scrutinized by roving officers , patrol dogs, they have Xray and heat sensor machines etc.

While I am not a supporter of warrantless checkpoints inside the United States , i have always found the border officers on i10 to be very professional . Just a few days ago in fact they simply waved me, (a white guy) , through , but had stopped a truck with what looked like an African Somoli driver for further inspection. New Mexico and Calif. have similar border checkpoints on i10.

However in this case, the driver came from Laredo TX. Laredo as I have reported for years and documented in videos, they are the most obnoxious, abusive, nasty assholes you'd ever meet. i will link some of those videos below.

No one can get from Laredo to San Antonio without passing this i35 North Laredo checkpoint., which is the route this driver took. Laredo never waves anyone through. They stop every driver and they even wake up any sleeping co-drivers, which is illegal , as admitted by law enforcement themselves, as outlined on my website

There is NO POSSIBLE WAY that a truck with 100 dying and screaming people could go undetected at that checkpoint. Even if they weren't screaming, when the driver stopped at the (internal warrantless) border checkpoint, the victims would hear all the activity and cry for help. ,and the driver would be pulled from the vehicle at gunpoint. The very hyped-up police dogs would go berserk.

Look, this is the most bullshit story I've ever heard, the contention that this guy could have gotten 100 illegals through that Laredo checkpoint undetected without inside help. We're supposed to believe that a Wal-Mart parking lot employee in san Antonio detected suspicious activity in that trailer, but border agents magically could not????

As you know , these governent border agents have been busted many times smuggling aliens themeslves, as well as guns and drugs, etc. They record and film everything at these checkpoints. This deserves a very close congressional investigation to determine how this smuggler skated past this Laredo TX checkpoint. Like I said , that is ABSOLUTELY IMPOSSIBLE .

Here are only a few of the videos and articles I've personally done on that Laredo checkpoint:

Department of Homeland Security Calls Trucker's Employer to Tattle That He Won't Wake Up Sleeping Co-Driver

Checkpoint Cop Offended When I Yell At Him About 4th Amendment

Cop at Suspicionless Checkpoint Starts Barking Orders, But Then Flees from Camera (Also featured at

Here is a news story on this

WRH: Thanks.

I keep hearing that there is no way drugs can get past the border, yet we know they do. Usually, someone is being bribed to look the other way.

READER: So in the midst of the revolving door firings going on at the White House these days I think it's interesting to note who has NOT been fired.

Trump's "war machine" people, for example. Not a single one of them has been fired or reigned in...not Mad Dog, not the soccer mom with a seat at the UN. Trump is still letting these lunatics drive his foreign policy, and we are now at the doorstep of World War III...or perhaps something worse.

And of course, Israel is just utterly delighted that Trump has let the Pentagram neocons set the agenda.

It's almost like we got President Hillary after all. I fully expected HER to drive us to armageddon.