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March 31, 2018

READER: Just heard that a Palestinian farmer was killed by an Israeli tank shell

And others were killed or injured

Will send message to Prime Ministrer Justin

Expecting no reply

READER: Putin, I believe, has a secret philosophy of his own that continually shines through- That philosophy is "Every man and woman has a right to hang themselves, but not at Russia's expense!" Since the Rape of Iraq begin in 2003, EVERY western leader who falls in line with Israel/USA is doing exactly that- hanging themselves! The world will not soon forget the death and destruction that has been dished out for so long now, all under the phony pretense of "fighting terrorism, spreading freedom and democracy". The REAL truth is exactly 180 degrees from this delusion!

READER: Jewish Holocaust survivor

I took time to study this report and RT needs to follow up and point out that the CRIF, a minority communatarian association of propertied anti-Republican notables, took over and organised the march in order to be able to exclude political groups which challenge them – even though Mrs Kroll's son had publicly invited everyone to join him in mourning. There is a serious omission in this broadcast : Mr Kroll lived in the district dominated by Jews (i.e. near the Bataclan which the IDF used to raise tax-exempt donations for Paestinian repression), and thus her neighbour was also Jewish. I have compared this report with local reportages and find that it is unwise to give credit to those featured march partipants who know very well that the district is Jewish. It is quite shocking to watch them lie so serenely. Further, as the investigation advances, it turns out that one of the killers is said by his accomplice to have shouted ''Allahu Akhbar'' – which his accomplice denies. This was not a racist incident but a criminal attack on an elderly lady by her ingratiating Jewish neighbour, one of a long string of self-incriminating fake attacks in which this community specialises. It is likely they both rented from a slumlord who will be happy to see tenants leave, and raise rents. It's classic. The CRIF made a farce out of this dear old lady's funeral. Mrs Kroll may have ''escaped the Holocaust'' but Nazis got her in the end.

READER: What does the world military situation "feel" like right now, this very moment. Hackles are up, the cocks are stareing each other down. Who blinks first or a situation of stalemate?

To me it looks like the warning given to Russia just prior the 911. The warning was that something big was going to happen in the US and do not panic or interfere.

What does Trump need to declare martial law, so the toga party invitations can be delivered?

Something big should happen soon but not the WWIII end all nuclear war. Something more limited but enough to cover for the biggest sweeping change this country has ever seen. The mother of night of the long knives.

He has the legal power of King, the powers were granted to the office during the past 3 presidencies. It's why they crapped all over themselves when an outsider won the election.

But because of all the opposition, he can't collect the party guest without a very very big event to cover for distraction.

I wouldn't worry too much if a nuke goes off or the power goes down. It has to happen.

If your island gets cut off, you might want to tack a note to the boat dock, "IOU 1 sail boat". There's always options, life is an adventure. Relax.

READER: I heard Stadmiler's show and did not like comment that caller made of you at the end of second Hour. You are pretty BALANCE. This guy sounded like a Dominionis. You are the BEST, in my opinion. Blessings, Love and Prayer.

READER: Your show & site are superb!.

One observation; unless and until our lawmakers (and some of Europe’s) who drag us into wars, genuflect to Israel & allow millions of illegals into the US to vote & receive free tuition in our schools fear an imminent & violent death similar to Mussolini & Ceausescu, NOTHING WILL CHANGE.

All that talk radio shows & conservative sites offer is a catharsis for US citizens to vent, but have zero effect on the perfidious vermin busily destroying our nation.

They simply don’t care.

(Legal disclaimer: I AM NOT advocating or recommending this! but history supports my observation).

READER: One of your callers today said they had an image of Kim jong Un and Xi where an Iranian general was in the background If that caller sends it to you could you post it so your readers can see it?
WRH: They never sent it to me.

READER: Another fact you will never hear the MSM mention. One lone KOOK does not equate to an entire population of legal gun owners, who use their firearms in a legal manner. Far more people are dying on our highways from drunk drivers, so using their illogical rationale, would they suggest that we ban the automobile, or ban the sale of alcohol ? Neither. Enforce the laws that are already on the books. Enforce them. Don't add new laws, just enforce the existing laws. Put an end to "Gun Free Zones" (Liberals voted for). When there is a bad man with a gun harming others, there is a good man near by, with a gun to stop him. Semi automatic firearms are NOT automatic firearms. The MSM, and the Children can't distinguish the vast difference. They hold the gun responsible for the crime, rather than the person who pulls the trigger.

READER: The weight of The Ring

We should call you Frodo

Just hang in there as best you can, we know the weight you carry

Hope and "faith" will carry you