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January 31, 2017

READER: I had my son in 1980 in Fairbanks, Alaska. I was told in the hospital that I would not be allowed to leave the hospital without filling out the paperwork for a social security card for my son. We raised him quite well in a tiny cabin, no electricity, no running water. They weren't concerned with that. Only the number.

READER: Here is another reason for a pause in Immigration. Medical screening. There is a mumps outbreak in Washington State.

Therefore I totally agree with the pause.

READER: Mike, the Globalist/Elite plan IS TO INCITE a Civil War. The twinks, and liberal snowflakes will bring down the Country before they give this up.

They (the BANKSTERS) will Crash The Economy DELIBERATELY if they cannot influence Trump ! I honestly believe a MASSIVE crash is coming. Here in my community we are making plans for this Worst Case Senario. I am networking with our Leaders to coordinate a Community Defence and Mutual help arrangement. The People our age all see this coming.

I realise you don't want this to pass, but the "Soros Types" are/will make it happen. I think ultimately we will be better off, but the loss of life will be MASSIVE ! I am lucky in that my skills and training will be of value here in nowhere Utah, but the Liberal (Liberalologists) nobodies will be out of luck. NO SKILLS or abilities, no common sense, no Morality................they just have NOTHING to offer. A community of good people/ like minded moral people like ours will turn them away, at gun point.

I hope you and Claire will be ok out there. Perhaps better there than the mainland.

READER: Yes, something very odd is going on!

My husband and I were traveling on Delta airlines Sunday when the travel ban and protests were underway. We didn't know about the Delta computer problems until minutes before our plane had landed. There were rumors before we boarded the plane that some kind of boycott was underway at our airport related to Trump, but little news was being reported in Puerto Rico or St Martin's where we had been visiting.

It was a nightmare at the Minneapolis St Paul airport! We didn't see any protesters by the time we landed but we did see them on Fox news! Many flights were cancelled we were told because of a computer malfunction. People were stuck on planes up to 6 hours waiting for gates to open. We sat for about an hour waiting for a gate to open. Eventually aitstairs were brought over and busses to bring us to the airport terminal. Tons of people were stranded at the airport and put up in hotels over night. I and a couple of other travels believed the supposed Delta computer problems were connected to the Trump travel ban. That Delta computers were intentionally sabotaged! Soros most likely was behind the protests, and the Islamic terrorist attack in Canada and possibly the Delta computer problems.

READER: Just going by memory, haven't airports been declared over and over again federal national security and border point zones? So how is it that protestors can take them over at a moment's notice? What would happen if they took over post offices or federal buildings instead of airports? I smell a rat.

READER: You have such a great grasp on historical facts I have a question for you, one I have wondered about for a long time. When Hitler came to power he was considered to be a great leader. He got rid of the Private central bankers and got the German economy going really good. I know the jewish bankers declared war first with the boycott they started. By the time WWII was over Hitler was considered to be mad, insane, criminal, and a really bad person. I watched that movie about Hitler that you posted on your website a year or so ago and it didn’t really answer the question. At what point did Hitler go from being a good leader to a evil one? I am sure it happened before he invaded Poland, and he may have had good reason to do so according to that movie (I’m blanking on the movie name). Can you say at what point he started to go evil or mad and what may have caused it? Also what kind of effect did the jewish boycott have on Germany? I would love to have you talk about this on the show.
WRH: What changed about HItler was the public perception of him. Hitler remained HItler all along until nearly the end when he really did show signs of mental collapse. But you hit the nail on the head in that it was Hitler's threatenting the private central banks that started the path to WW2.

READER: Mike, Donald says 8:00 tomorrow night there will be an announcement from the White house about the Supreme court nominee. Any guesses.

I'm really hoping for Napolatono.

WRH: I will be happy if it does turn out to be someone like Scalia.

READER: why does the nation with the biggest gun see them selves as the most advanced people ?
WRH: "There is nothing in man's industry but his greed and his sloth; his heart is in his weapons!" -- George Bernard Shaw

READER: if only the banks are allowed to acquire wealth. the little guy can never be sovereign ?

if little guy only can acquire debt...?

READER: Why did the Chicken cross the road?

(Depending on your state’s most popular roadkill)

To show the (Deer/squirrels/armadillos) that it COULD be done!

READER: Re: The View

One now relating Trump grabbing women

No idea how they continue to be on air

Stupidity reigns

READER: trump supporters can be denied services at picture frame shop by democrat businesses ?

but if you dont bake a cake for the gay wedding . cake maker has to pay the gays 165 grand ? or what ever the amount was ?

READER: Listening to many stations today......yours, Jeff Rense's and a couple others on the alternative media side...

And they're all reporting the same thing today: massive DDOS attacks.

Rense is saying he's being attacked by "Anonymous".

WRH: It is intense. Someone is very afraid of the Independent Media!

READER: in your merchandise section, can you offer a coffee mug that has written on the side 'Chuck Schumers tears' ?
WRH: I tried creating one, but the mug threw up!


obummer is such a SHIT!!! The psycho cannot ... cannot ... act like a sensible adult and just keep his trap shut!!