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July 31, 2016

READER: I wonder - would the usa government expose the people of the usa to these? Maybe in a sick way of generating wealth? Maybe they act with certain vaccines? As you know we veteran get pumped full of so many shots all the time.. like a death in wait maybe? I am sure the population is the biggest threat in theyre assessment reports..

I have read the chinese bio weapon war we did and it seems not too far fetched to me. Change we can believe in - this obama and hillary.

Hope it is not a real thing,

WRH: If you look at the people pushing depopulation, you will find this is already going on. Yet again the vaccinations being given free to third world women have been found to contain sterilization drugs.

READER: How can anyone describe the United States as a democracy when a major party can all but monopolize the whole process of selection? Eight years ago the GOP did the same thing to Ron Paul's campaign. We all saw this these past several months and I think everyone would have to agree that Bernie Sanders was playing against the casino! He had ZERO chance! This being the case, then how do our "leaders" explain to us just how all those military adventures and USA military bases ALL OVER THE GLOBE are to promote and defend "freedom and democracy", when it's not even in play in our own backyard? Those men are dying for greedy crooks who could care less about them and their families!

The amazing thing to me is, even though Clinton and her DNC mafia KNOW the public is privy now to her shenanigans, they still move on and every day seems to bring another charge of cheating. Hillary's crimes are now being treated like disclosure of them is a matter of national security. It's like she IS the President already! It's like they KNOW Trump will not make it. Are they not hiding something here too? There's no doubt in my mind whatsoever, considering all the things going on in the world right now, that VARIOUS assassination plots against Trump have already been studied, at least. The war plans of Hillary's sponsors have been on the table for many many years, and I don't think the makers of these plans are going to give up that easily to one Donald Trump. And when the world is in flames, (alternative)history books will relate how the Democratic Party, through pure and public treason, allowed the final stages, through Hillary Clinton, to set the world on fire.

READER: unborn humans have no rights but unborn eagles do


we have lost our moral compass;

when its ok to kill an unborn human baby but you will be prosecute & put in jail if you kill a baby eagle such as smash or disturb its eggs

and then on the other end when we die eagles get autopsies but supreme court justices do not.

just something to think about.

"wildlife officials would explore the possibility that the birds had died from a poison, but added that nothing would be known until necropsies and X-rays were performed at a United States Fish and Wildlife Services forensics laboratory in Oregon, where the carcasses were shipped on Monday night."