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August 31, 2017

READER: One thing I can guarantee is that youíre never going to see peace and prosperity as long as you repeatedly allow yourself to be deceived about the causes of war and poverty. There is one name to which all human suffering can be traced, and that name is Rothschild.

READER: Yesterday when you were talking about Texas and Harvey and the refinery damage etc., you said that we were going to lose about 15% of our domestic fuel production. Immediately when you said that I called up my local fuel delivery guys and ordered my K-1 kerosene for the winter (which I was going to do eventually anyway in a month or so) and also I keep off road #2 diesel as well and ordered to refill it too. They just got the order together for delivery tomorrow, but he told me since I called yesterday I can get yesterdayís price. Hereís the point- yesterday kerosene was $2.75 / gallon and today its $2.84. Yesterday off road diesel was $2.34 /gallon and today its $2.49. Overnight!. Itís a big deal b/c I fill my tanks and will get about 200 gallons of the K-1 and over 300 gallons of diesel, so with this quantity it makes a huge difference. Hey Mike, thanks for the heads up.

READER: i live in Largo, FL.....the gas price has already gone up - from $2.23 to 2.39 and sure it will increase as the days pass.

READER: Just watching ABC 13 news on my Apple TV and their coverage of the horror Harvey storm. The military has now arrived with helicopters I think the call Blackhawks and I am watching them trying to put people with wheelchairs into them. Why in God's name have not sent Chinook helicopters where they can drive straight into the back of them and take everybody.

Itís sad sitting here in a foreign country watching the news unfold, scratching one's head trying to understand why the might of the American military has not swung into action on its home side to relieve the suffering of all these people especially those left in retirement homes.

Keep up the great work Mike

WRH: The water-soaked ground may be to soft to support a Chinook.