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May 31, 2016

READER: Obama Administration Files Motion In An Effort To Protect Clinton

doesn't that make the Administration complicit in Clintons treason? or an accessory to the crimes?

WRH: Yes.

READER: You're a wonder to be able to deal with a live radio show and take care of your attacked site at the same time. A digital pat on the back from me.
WRH: There are times when the skills I developed as a NASA flight controller do come in handy! :)

READER: "How climate change is making crops POISONOUS: Extreme weather may be increasing the level of toxins in food"

How's about an article entitled: "How Monsatan-o (et al) is making crops POISONOUS: Extreme GMOing are Definitely increasing the level of toxins in food"

READER: WRH: Brussells Spouts

Oh dear ....

READER: Hi Michael & Claire. Keep Vince Foster on the front page. I knew the day would come when Vince Foster would have the chance to bury Hillary this time, Keep up the great work. Thank you.

READER: WRH:All across Washington DC hands are being wrung to the shrill cry of, "What do we do? What do we do?!?"

Stop lying to us. That would be a good start.

Or better yet - just go home! Spend your time counting all your ill-gotten monies - that would be much better use of your time than 'lying to us' and destroying what is left of our country

WRH: One thing that worries me is that the folks in DC have lived with lies for so long they have lost the ability to deal with reality.

READER: Who pays for those signs?

DO YOU KNOW who pays for the printed signs used in recent protests? See lettering at bottom of sign, or placard.

If youve been watching the news, you undoubtedly have seen many people holding up signs.

Those people did not print them themselves. On the bottom of the signs is the inscription:

To see who printed them, go to:

Draw your own conclusions. And then forward this to everyone on the planet!

READER: Hi Michael & Claire. Just a couple comments. The Gestapo cops in this country are looking for a serious problem just keep screwing with veterns. I don't care if they are street cops or VA cops. The Vietnam Era Veteran has been shit on in this country for years. Especially by this gov't. These cops want to find out what its like to be in hell. Wait until you have to go up against combat veterans, little big horn will look like a picnic. Next, when I worked at the Pentagon you could not move any type of classified info without a chain of custody. It would be interesting to see what chain of custody was used to move these classified documents through the State Department under Hillary's command? Just a thought to think about. You two keep up the great WORK. Thank you always.

READER: "Vince Foster's" Black Revolver

The Park Police knew the relic they found Couldnt be Fosters gun.

Thats why they almost went out of their way To interview neither son.

READER: Interesting that article about the "bios updater" attack that can be used against HP/Dell/Whatever laptops isn't it.

Wasn't that the whole point behind Microsoft's magical "Secure Boot" feature? Wasn't it supposed to save us all from malware?

No, it's clear once again that the only purpose behind Secure Boot was to stop Linux from being installed. It has nothing whatsoever to do with "security."

WRH: Secure boot will block linux in a dual boot environment ... but when I go Linux it will be a standalone single Linux environment. None of my current animation tools will run under Win10 or later so I will just learn to get along without them.

And Microsoft.

READER: of the liars

great article thank you.

WRH: Thank you.

It is a reality every child should be taught from day one.