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April 26, 2018

READER: why is demand for the truth called . . . . the un governed internet ?

the deep state shadow govt cant' get away with lying anymore and want the( truth box) shut down ?

READER: Your fan club thinks you could benefit from a vacation. Were you able to connect with Ryan Dawson? He filled in for you nicely before and it would benefit him too because of all his troubles with his other platforms. Take care of yourselfs,
WRH: A vacation would be nice. Maybe Hawaii? :)

Seriously, Claire and I were planning to visit a friend on Kauai but her home got flooded with the recent storms. Maybe we'll just do a staycation instead.

READER: Love the new acronym for France, UK and the US. FUKUS. And they will for as long as they can.

READER: If you check out the history of the United Nations, you will see it was founded by a Communist - Alger Hiss. Bankers financed the Bolshevik Revolution, and the banking family of the Rockefellers donated the land for the U.N. building.

READER: My comments on the Nicaraguan link

This article you kinked to was written by an academic, not someone who actually lives in Nicaragua. It is pure BS and I feel it should be removed as a news link for WRH.

Obviously I wouldn't be a WRH member since the stone age (I remember the flack when you changed the site to this format) and i live in Nicaragua because I couldn't tolerate another 4 years of George Bush in 2004. I am well versed in every type of conspiracy theory, particularly the Iran-Contra.

Dictator Ortega blamed US intelligence agencies for the protests and it appears that the author got his talking points from Dictator Ortega.

It blames youthful protestors for the violence, but there is no mention of the Jovenes Sandinistas - Ortega's gang members whom he released from jail to participate in the protests. His JS crew were the ones looting the stores. Student protestors stood in front of stores chanting, "No robo!" because they didn't want their movement associated with the Orteguistas. I posted video on my FB page of Nicaraguans returning items to looted stores stolen by their neighbours and the JS. There is a video of a youth grabbing a stolen TV from a thief, smashing it on the ground so the thief couldn't enjoy his stolen goods.

INSS was s tipping point. The article fails to mention that between employee-employer contributions to the Social Security system, we were already paying close to a 25% combined payroll tax. Every young person knows they will never get a cent from these mandatory pension taxes because the account is near empty, looted by Ortega and his Election Chief Roberto Rivas, whose brother conveniently has a US passport (and I am sure Rivas does, too). A man who manages an election every five years yet receives an annual salary of $60K has multiple million dollar masons, a jet, a plane, three luxury vehicles in Costa Rica and a olio dollar house there or he did until he got caught faking diplomatic status to avoid his CR taxes). The US seized Rivas's plane, jet and US assets several months ago, which explains the new Madrid-Managua route to his $15 million house in Madrid. Rivas is persona non grata in the US and can no longer fly out of CR, so he needed new route for his trips to Spain. hen he is in Nicaragua, he travels with at least ten vehicles for "Security". His ons have private body guards, too. We are a country of less than 6 million people where everyone gets on a bus wth a machete. The government pays his light bills on his vacation mansions in the town where I loved, paid for the house sandlots, pays for food (he sighs almost 40 pounds) and pretty much his entire extravagant lifestyle.

That none of this points are made in the linked article indicates it is propaganda.

This was a spontaneous protest. It turned into a potential revolution when Ortega demanded the police fire at protestors. They kidnapped university students, holding them hostage for days. More than 30 dead. The US is 58 times larger in population that the US. 35 plus dead, dozens more injured critically, and fifty unaccounted for. People from all parties participated in the protests, including Sandinistas who have had enough of the human rights abuses. We have had a g good economy for many years thanks to tourism and foreign investment, but there is nothing left because Ortega and his goons stole it.

While the US may have a Shock Doctrine plan in the wings, it will be very difficult to implement. People want a radical change, full transparency and no more debt.

The US may be worried because Ortega has squirrelled away all foreign aid and assistance into a private company managed by his family. The riots broke out when it was discovered INSS was insolvent, despite massive increase in taxes each year. Now Venezuela is desperate to have their loans repaid, which is where the INSS money went. Under Nicaraguan law, Ortega does not have to reveal his financials behind ALBANISA, his money laundering company. Technically, because the loans did not go through the treasury but through ALBANISA, Nicaraguans are not on the hook for aid or any other loan that was not governed by the Treasury. That would make the IMF very worried and ugh of their contract invalid.

The IMF created the policies that caused the protest. Last month the World Bankorganized a $100 million loan package to improve five border crossings, but we all know it is just tax, as the border crossings do not generate goods, just mandatory taxes to cross and there is no way anyone occult spend even $20 million per border crossing. There isn't demand.

We have reached a tipping point Tehre is no going back. the first lady/vice president had her ego handed to g=her in a cardboard box. She was so out of touch that she didn't understand the hatred of the population against her Imelda Marcos excesses.

I could say a lot more, but I doubt more than a few peel will even read the article, let alone my comment. Still, it should not be considered factual.

Hope all is wel in Hawaii -

READER: This judge is way off about DACA.

DACA was never passed by congress

it was an executive order by Obama

telling Trump can't put a stop to DACA is just BS,

the President has the authority under title 8 to set immigration controls