Hassled for Carrying a Gun by Wyoming Police | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Hassled for Carrying a Gun by Wyoming Police

Unfortunately, something had happened. Our rights were violated. We were questioned and detained without probable cause - despite the fact that we broke no laws, and interfered with no one. We were shouted at, they insisted on running computer checks on both of us, and they asked us personal information that should not be requested of ordinary citizens who are minding their own business. They proved that they have less understanding of the gun laws in Wyoming than we had, and that our rights were subject to violation, if their curiosity deemed so.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Given that some 56 Government employees in Miami-Dade just got busted for a drug ring, citizens need to stop assuming that a police officer is necessarily a moral and law abiding person.

I mean, does the name "Rampart" ring a bell?