State of Washington sues Web/SEO firm | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

State of Washington sues Web/SEO firm

The attorney general has charged the company and its owner, Gilbert Walker, with:

* Misrepresenting the ability to significantly increase traffic to customer Web sites by achieving top search-engine rankings and failing to deliver other promised services.

* Falsely claiming an affiliation with other marketers including Specialty Merchandise Company, a so-called drop-ship wholesaler.

* Claiming that its customer service representatives can be reached at any time when, in fact, customers are often unable to reach representatives and sometimes do not receive return calls.

* Failing to provide refunds or honor cancellation requests.

* Continuing to bill the credit cards of some consumers who have attempted to cancel and submitting alleged debts to collection agencies.

* And, failing to register with the Department of Licensing as a commercial telephone solicitor and failing to provide written confirmation of a consumer's rights under the Commercial Telephone Solicitation Act.