Conflict Between Russia and the US in the Caucasus | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Conflict Between Russia and the US in the Caucasus

One item from the timeline preceding the aggression deserves particular attention – the Georgian-US Immediate Response 2008 military exercise, during which the US instructors trained the Georgian forces to carry out “anti-terrorist cleansings” in residential areas was completed on July 31. The exercise included such activities as cleansing terrorists from villages (allegedly in the framework of the preparation of the Georgian military for the operations in Iraq) and ensuring the security of the civilian population. The atrocities perpetrated by the Georgian guerillas in Tskhinvali had been taught by the Western instructors under the cynical disguise of “the struggle against terrorism”.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So, there you have it: the methods of attacks were taught by US military trainers, and executed by Georgian troops against the civilians of South Ossetia.

Note that the exercise was just completed on July 31st of this year.