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The Voice of the White House

In recent months, the government of Israel has been making frantic attempts to get the United States to attack Iran .

They have carried on a propaganda campaign in America, via their co-religionists’ almost total control of the American media, that makes constant reference to the ‘certainty’ that Iran is trying to develop atomic weapons, solely to attack poor Israel who really loves its neighbors and tries so hard to help them..

The military tells me that there is absolutely no proof of this but the Bush- Cheney Axis of Evil goes right along with it and weekly make threatening statements about Iran . All of this sleazy, and McCain-like, propaganda seems to have very little impact on any targeted American audience so, realizing that Bush, Cheney and the Rodent Club will soon be gone and forgotten, they are ramping up their efforts to get him to have our Air Force carpet bomb Tehran .

This, I am assured, will not happen, but the pressure to do so at once is steadily building via a flood of phone calls both to Bush and Cheney, virtually begging them to launch a surprise attack before it is too late….for them.

Odious creeps like Addington and Lieberman are targets of their constant wailings and importunings as well, but in the end, there is strong doubt in Tel Aviv that we will, once again, pull their chestnuts out of the Islamic fire

Also, the Israelis are livid with rage that both Russia and China have been making very strong, but private, protests to the Bush creeps that an attack on Iran would not be a good idea. Bush might not listen and Cheney is so crazy that he can’t, but others are listening.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So, "someone" with advanced artillery in Georgia pulls a "Lavon", shells the Russians and points the finger of blame to the Geogins, to inaugurate a little war.