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Rice: Israel can decide for itself on Iran

US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice defended Israel's right to make its own decision about whether it takes military action against Iran, in an interview released over the weekend.

"We don't say yes or no to Israeli military operations. Israel is a sovereign country," she said in response to a question from The Politico Web site as to whether she was concerned that America would be blamed in the case of an IDF attack on the Islamic Republic

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Israel can start an attack against Iran, but cannot finish it adequately without US fire-power.

Our current commitments in Afghanistan and Iraq are stretching the capacity of the US military to its limit.

It appears that the war between Russia and Georgia over Southern Ossetia and Abkahzia may be over before a very long period of time

This means that Russia will be able to supply Iran with weapons and troops, if it feels that is the appropriate thing to do.

War with Russia, anyone?????