Hostages found dead at Mumbai Jewish center | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Hostages found dead at Mumbai Jewish center

Commandos who stormed the Mumbai headquarters of an ultra-orthodox Jewish group found the bodies of five hostages inside, Indian and Israeli rescue officials said, as a fresh battle raged at the luxury Taj Mahal hotel and other Indian forces ended a siege at another five-star hotel.

A delegation from Israel's ZAKA emergency medical services unit entered the building after the raid and reported through an Indian aide that five hostages and two gunmen were dead, a ZAKA spokesman in Israel said. The spokesman had no information on the hostages' identities or whether there were wounded inside.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The corporate media this morning is marching frantically, lockstep, toward fixing the blame for these horrendous attacks on the next country to be up for a US invasion.

I wouldn't bet against that being placed on Pakistan right now.
And if this happen, I would be willing to bet it will happen before Obama is inaugurated.