UN Security Council Denies Afghanistan in Crisis | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

UN Security Council Denies Afghanistan in Crisis

A delegation from the United Nations Security Council wrapped up a three day tour of Afghanistan today with a veiled swipe at recent complaints by Afghan President Hamid Karzai. Touting a cabinet reshuffle as grounds for “cautious optimism,” delegation head Giulio Terzi declared that the situation in Afghanistan was “not a security crisis,” and warned against presenting it as one to avoid “disillusionment and frustration.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Memo to UN delegation head Terzi: making this statement is akin to standing up, with your hair on fire, and claiming you can't smell the smoke.

The US's own military protocol indicates that we should never have gone into Afghanistan with any less than 500,000 troops to successfully handle the occupation of this country.

What we have, and will have, under a potential "Afghanistan surge", will only be a relatively small percentage of that number.

The Taliban have been resurgent, particularly in the south of the country, and have literally set up parallel government structures to those of the Karzai government.

Speaking of the Karzai government: it is perceived as so crooked that it has to collectively screw its socks on in the morning.

The commands of the US and NATO are managing to have complete collective amnesia on the bit from their strategy and history books about never, ever attempting to win a ground war from the air (Sir, have you never heard of a little altercation the US got into in Southeast Asia called the Viet Nam War?!? And you DO remember, just how well that ultimately went for the US.)

And aerial bombing assures two things, and two things only: you're going to kill a lot of non-combatants (women, babies, the medically infirm, and the elderly), and this will guarantee to radicalize the the population even further away from the government the US is attempting to prop up.

And last but not least, Delegation Head Terzi, the production of opium poppies has just soared under the Karzai's administration watch.

That you can possibly stand up with a straight face and say to the world that an Afghani cabinet re-shuffule could be construed as ".....grounds for 'cautious optimism can mean only one of two things: you're either lying through your teeth, or you have absolutely zero understanding of what is really happening in this country.