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Downturn Drives Military Rolls Up

Some of the largest investment firms on Wall Street are gone. The country's auto industry is on the verge of collapse. Banks are shedding jobs. But in these doom-and-gloom times, there is someone who's hiring: your local military recruiter.

The economic downturn and rising unemployment rate are making the military a more attractive option, Pentagon officials say. In some cases, the peace of mind that comes with good benefits and a regular paycheck is overcoming concerns about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, which any new enlistee is likely to join.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

To those of you who read this site with family members of appropriate military age who are expressing interest in joining the military, please ask them to do a couple of things.

First, make sure that all promises given to them by a military recruiter are in writing. Verbal assurances mean nothing, in the cold process of a recruiter's keeping their numbers up, by any means necessary.

Second, be sure that your family member speaks to a Vet who has seen military engagement in Iraq or Afghanistan before they enlist.

and third, make sure that they talk with a wounded Vet, desperately trying to get the medical and financial benefits they thought they would get when they enlisted, but had the bad luck to forfeit though injury which the military is claiming is "not duty related."