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Force a cached Web page to reload

When you load Web pages in your browser, the browser creates a local copy of the data on that page. Depending on your browser and the specific Web page being viewed, you may get only this cached version the next time you load the page (as in when you press the Back button), or the page may refresh automatically (on a news page, for instance). However, sometimes things seem to get “stuck”—this past weekend, for instance, my local news page was showing headlines from Friday, even though I was looking at it on Sunday afternoon.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I have been getting emails from people that they are seeing older versions of this page. We have gone through our site code looking for reason why people are getting older pages, and even tried adding some meta tags to the page to force reloads each visit (which apparently had no effect). But according to this and other articles we have researched, getting the current page for many sites has become a problem, and one that is apparently due to shortcomings in the browsers themselves and the manner in which they handle cached data.

So, for those of you having such problems seeing the current day's version of whatreallyhappened, here are some issues to look into.