FLASHBACK - 16th Amendment NEVER ratified by ANY State - Joe Banister | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

FLASHBACK - 16th Amendment NEVER ratified by ANY State - Joe Banister

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We now know that the Infernal Revenue Service has been targeting political opponents to the Obama administration. Going beyond merely delaying tax-exempt status for Tea-Party, Occupy, and conservatives in general, donors to GOP candidates like Mitt Romney have been hit with disproportionate numbers of audits.

Adding insult to injury, the head of the IRS, barely able to keep the smirk off of his face, refused to apologize to the Congressional inquiry into where the orders to target Obama's opponents came from, for this ludicrous story that the emails of seven IRS officials involved in this harassment were "lost" in a hard drive crash. The IRS story is clearly a lie in light of the laws requiring backups and hard copies of emails be kept. IT experts agree that the story that these emails simply vanished makes no sense, given the systems used by the IRS.

All America is now aware that the IRS is acting illegally. After all, such political targeting was an article of impeachment against Richard Nixon. So the time has come to take the discussion to the next level. Is the IRS, clearly acting illegally, itself legal? The answer is "no", it is not. The Constitution forbids direct non-apportioned taxation of the people. An earlier version of the Income Tax was struck down by the United States Supreme Court on those grounds.

The Federal Reserve (itself a clearly unconstitutional usurpation of the money-creation authority vested in Congress by the Constitution) and the IRS claim that the passage of the 16th Amendment allows an income tax, but there are several problems with that claim. First and foremost, the 16th Amendment failed ratification! The necessary 3/4 of the states did not ratify the Amendment. Requests for proof that this Amendment was actually ratified are ignored. The IRS considers their enforcement actions the only legal reply they are required to make. And judges in tax courts (who are funded from tax revenues) inevitably refuse to examine the issue and simply declare from the bench that the Amendment was ratified, a power and authority not granted to judges under the Constitution.

There is one notable exception to this judicial legerdemain, and that is judge James C. Fox, who stated quite clearly in the court record for Sullivan Vs United States that the 16th Amendment, on examination, failed ratification. Sadly, however, that was not a tax case, and the judge mentioned the non-ratification of the 16th Amendment as justification for the enforcement of laws that may not have legally been passed, but were presumed valid through long use (i.e. we got away with it this long, so why should we change it now?).

Yet another problem with the 16th Amendment is that the original Constitutional prohibition against a direct non-apportioned tax is still in effect because it was not explicitly repealed by the hastily-contrived 16th Amendment.

So here we are, with the IRS clearly breaking the law, acting illegally (indeed arrogantly), for all America to see, which is why this is a great time for activists to take the public discussion to the next level and ask if the IRS itself, and its master, the privately-owned Federal Reserve, are actually a 100 year old fraud perpetrated by the private bankers against the American people, aided and abetted by a corrupt Federal Government.

After all, do you really think that the US Government's lies to you started with Saddam's nuclear weapons?

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