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The Torture Presidency

President George W. Bush has launched “Operation Legacy,” which he placed in the hands of his ultimate advisor, indeed his “brain,” Karl Rove. Remember Rove? He’s the man who refused to testify under oath when summoned by Congress to do so and was recently identified in a Congressional report as the plotter behind the U.S. Attorneys scandal, among other trainwrecks. The Rove effort features a 2-page set of talking points which have been circulated to members of the administration’s team highlighting the supposedly major Bush accomplishments which have begun to fill the American media. They start with the contention that “Bush kept us safe” by preventing any further attack on American soil after 9/11. Really?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Bush's true legacy; now, where do I start?

-The normalization of the use of torture as an American value. This means we have, defacto, withdrawn from any human rights treaty we have ever signed.

It also means, that if it perfectly legitimate for the US agents to torture - or outsource torture - against foreign nationals, then it is perfectly OK for other countries to torture US military and civilians.

Suck on that one for a moment, please.

It also means that the US has sunk to the same moral level as Uzbekistan when it comes to human rights.

Thanks to this administration, the US is now perceived as a pariah state among those countries which really do value freedom, democracy, and human rights.
this administration has created carnage and destruction in Afghanistan and Iraq, and unfortunately, Pakistan may be next.
This administration has caused death and massive illness through the use of depleted uranium, which is not only causing massive cancers and birth defects in large areas of Iraq; this is also hitting vets and their families as well.

This administration has stuck We the People with an absolutely unpayable national deficit, courtesy of their wars without end. And the result?? Iraq in shambles, Afghanistan in shambles, with things worsening by the day.

And who have the winners been here? They certainly have not been We the People.

The winners in all this? The no-bid defense contractors, and the country of Iran.

And coupled with an amazing lack of common-sense regulation on the financial community, this administration has thrown the economy of this country and the world off a cliff, and the recovery - if it happens - cannot possibly happen soon.

The Bush administration has eviscerated the Constitution and Bill of Rights with horrendously bad legislation, like the Patriot Act, the consistent surveillance of our phone calls and email, and legal "findings" which means he doesn't have to do a thing congress requests.

We are no longer the land of the free and home of the brave; under Bush's watch (and this is Bush's true "legacy" ), we are the land of the cowed, the broke, and surveilled.

The people of this country - and the people of the world - will be watching to see just how much of this damage Barak Obama is willing to undo, once inaugurated.

Right now, unfortunately, I'm not ready to bet that it will be a huge change in direction from where the the actions of the last 8 years of the Bush administration have left us.