At least eight dead in Pakistan missile strike: officials | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

At least eight dead in Pakistan missile strike: officials

A suspected US missile strike on a tribal area in northwest Pakistan known as a hub of Taliban and Al-Qaeda activity killed at least eight militants on Monday, officials said.

The strikes caused huge fires in both villages, sending panicked residents running into the streets, he said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

One has to wonder when the term "body count" is going to come back into vogue in the corporate news. I would strongly suspect that the actual casualty count is far larger than 8.

If those in power in Islamabad do not understand that they are very well the next target in the US and NATO's "wars without end", they are foolish indeed.

You have to wonder if the "real reason" for these bombings is to create enough instability in Pakistan to topple Zardari's government and install a western-leaning junta which rules Pakistan with an iron fist.

The only problem with this magical thinking is, it won't work. Aerial bombing, and the Pakistani government's perceived impotence by its people to be unable do anything to stop it, guarantees two things, and two things only.

First, just as is unfolding in Afghanistan, you're going to get a lot of collateral damage. Children, infants, women, the medically infirm,and the elderly, are going to wind up blown to bits and maimed.

The second thing aerial bombing absolutely guarantees is to radicalize those left standing against the existing government.

Over 10,000 furious Pakistanis marched in Peshawar last week to demand that Pakistan's government forbid the US and NATO from using its routes to supply materials for the war in Afghanistan.

(Of course, you didn't get that story if you were watching any corporate media, but it did run here.)

The radicalization has begun; it may only be a matter of time before the Pakistani government will be unable to control the anger of its people at what the they perceive is deep collusion between the Pakistani government and those state agents which are killing Pakistani people.