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Bush claims civil rights gains

President Bush asserts his own administration did much to empower minorities, calling the No Child Left Behind education law "a piece of civil rights legislation"

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Just when you truly believe that Bush couldn't possibly make a more idiotic, deluded statement than those he has already made, he does it yet again!

As reported here:


"Testing the NCLB: Study shows that NCLB hasn't significantly impacted national achievement scores or narrowed the racial gaps"

The report also shows that federal accountability rules have little to no impact on racial and poverty gaps. The NCLB act ends up leaving many minority and poor students, even with additional educational support, far behind with little opportunity to meet the 2014 target."

Of course, there aspect of the NCLB legislation with which many people are not familiar buried in the fine print.

That is to mandate that student records be completely accessible to military recruiters unless the parent signs an "opt-out" form, preventing this from happening. If schools do not allow this, they can lose their federal funding.

Many parents are not even aware that they have the option of not allowing military recruiters to talk to their kids, if the parents say no. .