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FLASHBACK: Foundation Is Questioned After Memoir Is Exposed

The author who confessed this week to making up her memoir, “Love and Consequences,” about growing up as a foster child in gang-ridden South-Central Los Angeles, appears also to have made up a foundation that she claimed was helping “to reduce gang violence and mentor urban teens.”

Margaret Seltzer, who wrote under the pseudonym Margaret B. Jones, referred to the International Brother/SisterHood in the author biography that appeared on the back flap of the book. The memoir was published by Riverhead Books, a unit of Penguin Group USA, and released last Thursday. With help from her agent, Faye Bender, Ms. Seltzer also set up a Web site, brothersisterhood.com, in October to describe the foundation and promote her book. Since the revelations about the book, however, Ms. Bender has taken down the Web site.

No record of the foundation could be found with the Internal Revenue Service or the states of Oregon, where Ms. Seltzer lives, or California.

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