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Mexican president warns breakdown in family values increases crime

The Sixth World Meeting of Families opened Jan. 14 with a warning from the Mexican president that a breakdown in family values is leading to increased social problems and crime.

"It's the responsibility of governments to create conditions of security -- economic, social, public, judicial and cultural -- that make the full development of families possible," he said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

What kind of pious horsepucky is dribbling out of Calderon's mouth right now?!?

Nuclear families get torn for economic reasons first.

President Calderon, have you possibly failed to notice the the Mexican Peso is at an all-time low against the dollar?

What about the man in the street in Mexico? Is he making the kind of living wage which can support a family, and perhaps giving mom time to stay home with the children, instead of going off to her menial job the following week?

And what has your government done to enhance education in Mexico?

As reported in

" Despite good intentions, public education in Mexico is a disaster. Not private education, which is why just about every Mexican parent with enough money sends his children to a private school. Mexico has some very good private schools. Some have a higher educational level than U.S. public schools."

No real education means that in order to help the family survive, kids wind up working in sweatshops, maltreated and abused.

As reported in,

"Child Labor Around the World":

Eight to eleven million children under the age of fifteen work in Mexico. There is a small number under fourteen. The children are employed in export oriented maquiladoras, or assembly factories between Mexico and the United States. Maquilas are affiliates of American owned companies that assemble goods for export, transportation equipment, electrical and electric products, toys , sporting goods, textiles and furniture. The work force is made up of mostly young females. The maquilas like to use children because it is really easy to get underage work and the owners do not have to pay the children that much.

Most of the girls start just between minimum age, between tweleve and fifteen years old. They either lie about their age or provide a false birth certificate. There are very harsh conditions- overtime, night shifts, exposure to hazardous material, mostly in glue used to attach the soles of shoes."

To this point, President Calderon, you've been all talk and no action in this area, which is deplorable.

So President Calderon,if you want a nuclear family with "nuclear family values", you have to reshape the economy so that a decent person can take care of a wife and kids on what they make, without having to necessarily forcing the wife to work right after she's had a baby. The more "home time" a kid gets with both parents, the less likely it is that a gang will become their home.

But one has to wonder; just as in the US, how many people in the Mexican government are bribed to "look the other way" when drug issues come up, because drugs can lots of wealth to the dealers, the cartels, and those in government who remain "knowingly blind"?