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Syria: America Steps onto the Slippery Slope

As I've said before, the Syrian situation is such a mess that I don't claim to have a solution. And I guess that limits how indignant I can get about solutions that other people are pushing, including those that my government is pursuing. But could we at least be honest about we're doing? The U.S., by giving the rebels this communications equipment, is now officially helping Syrians kill other Syrians. That's a big step.

There was one other big development at the "Friends of Syria" conference that the Times story was about: Some Arab states are creating a $100 million fund to pay rebel soldiers. Put these two developments together and this looks a lot like the first few steps toward a thoroughgoing intervention by a coalition involving the U.S., Arab states, and others.



Intelligence Brief #201 "Friends of Syria" Meeting


In my last brief I told you a meeting named the “Friends of Syria” would be held in Turkey on April 1, 2012.   That meeting took place and there are two outcomes specifically that I want to bring to your attention.  The meeting consisted of over 70 nations with Russia, China and Iran not attending.

First, this self-appointed council recognized the Syrian National Council (SNC) as the legitimate government of the Syrian people.  So Bashar al-Assad and his regime is no longer the recognized power over Syria.  The SNC is one of several factions in Syria, but they were chosen with the hopes that the other factions would all join in under this organization.

Second, aid in the form of weapons, communications, medical / food, and millions of dollars were pledged from various nations to the SNC.  From the CNN article below it alludes to $30 million dollars being pledged.  Syrian army personnel who defect to the SNC will be given salaries.

There is no way out for Assad now.  Only soldiers who side with Assad ideologically will stay.  Soldiers who want to be on the winning side (no matter who that was) will start to defect and as they do those numbers will escalate progressively.  The only way to avert war is for Assad to voluntarily step down and I do not think that is likely.  It is difficult to say how long it will be until a war occurs.  It could be tomorrow and it could be 6 months.  But, this meeting will prove itself to be successful at shortening the time Assad remains in power.

I still think the most likely outcome is a US-NATO led coalition in the near future.  Like the Gulf War, Israel will be told not to participate, but when Assad hits Israel with hundreds of high powered missiles possibly with chemical warheads, you can bet that Israel will respond in a way that fulfills Isaiah 17:1.  I am going to stay with my previous analysis that this retaliation from Israel will be a nuclear warhead.  This will crystalize the hatred of Israel around the globe.  And the antichrist can be revealed and play the good guy by confirming the covenant in Daniel 9:27.  If my scenario is correct the Rapture will have occurred at some point prior to the destruction of Damascus. 

At this point I feel the situation in Syria is the best barometer as to where we are on God’s timeline.  I used to think it would be the stock market, but apparently they can manipulate stocks, commodities (gold and silver), and the money supply effectively enough to conceal the true situation until they decide it is time for the global financial collapse. 


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