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Peres to Plead for Pollard – Again

President Shimon Peres will meet Sunday with MKs Uri Ariel and Ronit Tirosh who will hand him a letter for US president Barak Obama asking for the release of convicted Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard.

The letter bears the signatures of 80 Israeli lawmakers. Peres's office told Arutz Sheva that the president working hand in hand with the leaders of the Freedom for Pollard Committee to maximize efforts to secure his release.

Last week, Peres bureau chief Efrat Duvdevani and other senior staffers made arrangements for the President to receive and deliver the letter.

The President's Office noted that Peres will next meet with Obama in June to formally request Pollard's release on behalf of the citizens of Israel.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Memo to President Obama: Pollard was a complete, consummate traitor to his country, and the Israeli government should be grateful that he was not executed for his crimes against the US, and leave it at that.



Lemme get this straight...


Pollard is convicted - and all these idiots wanna give him a getoutofjailfree card?


Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the ALLEGED mastermind of the September 11 terror attacks, faces a potential death sentence after being formally charged with the murder of thousands of Americans.

Just goes to show you that justice has absolutely nothing to do with anything in America. Evidence has nothing to do with anything in America.

The determining factor in American outcomes - is simply the power one holds over politicians and judges, police, professors etc...

Pollard's backers obviously did a stellar job in maintaining an iron grip of power over the necessary players crying out for the release of a filthy traitor that ought to be hanging from a gallows.

The Sheikh - well - after all the torture he went through - I think it's safe to say that he told them what they wanted to hear - and without power over the appropriate people can expect a noose that he likely doesn't deserve.

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