The Simon Weisenthal Center Hits Back Against "Luridly Hyped Details" Emerging on Gaza | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

The Simon Weisenthal Center Hits Back Against "Luridly Hyped Details" Emerging on Gaza

A mass e-mail from the Simon Weisenthal Center is warning of a wave of anti-Semitic incidents in France. But that's not all. The comment from Bruce Rattner (producer of the 'Rush Hour' movies) adds a bitter complaint

"With all of the hyped details of every luridly tragic event in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict why have the American media from top to bottom not been all over this –" why have they not devoted much more coverage to these disgraceful, anti-Semitic events in France?"

Aside from the tracking cookie the e-mail put on my computer, Mr. Rattner's comment got me thinking about the level of rage/selective information/paranoia that agitators on both sides of the i/p issue engage in when stoking up the daily quota of outrage.

Why are the events in Gaza "luridly tragic" to Mr. Rattner, instead of just "tragic"?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Israel's actions in Gaza, first collective punishment, then breaking the cease fire, then attacking with banned weapons, then a few more war crimes for garnishment, has cost Israel it's mantle of world's most-to-be-pitied victim.

So now Israel is desperate to return to status quo ante where Israel, despite having nuclear weapons, clings to survival by their fingernails (not to mention billions of dollars on weapons and taxpayer money sent to them by the US Government).

But the world, no freed from the mental chains of the corporate ministry-for-truth, understands that Israel is the aggressor against a nearly helpless people whose land Israel covets, and this last 22 days was Israel's 7th in a row war of choice.

Israel has badly miscalculated public response to the Gaza operation., The mask of permanent victimhood has slipped, revealing the twisted monster beneath, and Israel is desperate to tie the mask back on before more people see the reality of what has been going on for the last 60 years.

Hence, a sudden flurry of highly suspicious "Anti-Semitic" attacks, and when those do not gain traction, and outright demand that the world's media stop looking at Gaza and instead focus on the poor Jewish people's suffering in France.

But far from rebuilding Israel's political cover, such cynical stunts; such WHINING, only serve to accelerate the rot in Israel's propaganda cover. The world has seen the card up Israel's sleeve and will not go back to believing in magic.