Catholic bishop demonised for 'Holocaust denial' | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Catholic bishop demonised for 'Holocaust denial'

Not content with such attacks, Ms Gledhill descends to guilt by association, but quickly embarrasses herself and her newspaper. After noting that the Society has a seminary in Bavaria, she adds the parenthetical observation that "a chief of police in Bavaria has incidentally recently survived a stabbing by a neo-Nazi. The officer has been fighting fascism for years and in July his force dug up a body that had been buried in a Nazi flag."

Ms Gledhill is referring to Alois Mannichl, police chief in the Bavarian town of Passau, who was injured in a stabbing at his home in mid-December. The case was swiftly exploited by German politicians, who insisted that all Bavarian children would be forced to visit a concentration camp site as part of their school curriculum.

Yet within days of this "educational" announcement, it was revealed that the attack on Mr Mannichl may have had nothing to do with politics at all. It turns out that the police chief was stabbed with a cake knife from his own kitchen, and investigators are looking into the possibility that the affair may have been a domestic incident, with the "neo-Nazi" story invented afterwards.