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What Really Happened? I Really Want to Know.

I wasn’t in Germany during the war so I have no idea what happened. However… there is this figure of six millions Jews being murdered in concentration camps. Strangely enough, this figure was being thrown around for decades before the war even occurred. In 1919 this figure was being discussed.

In 1934 World Jewry declared war on Germany. Here we have the Daily Express front page headline and there follows many quotes by powerful Zionist Jews about intention and policy. This is curious stuff. Then you have the official Red Cross figures about how many Jews actually died in the camps and you have all of the other information from their report. What can we make of this documentation by the Red Cross? Further… why is the Red Cross not in prison for holocaust denial? Once again, I wasn’t there but these people were. So what do we make of this? Where is the specific documentation that refutes this?.

What do we make of the testimony from the senior curator and director of archives of the Auschwitz State Museum concerning the existence of gas chambers? You will note the specific sources that I am using in regard to claims that have been made.