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More "Wag The Holocaust."

The young schoolgirl saw her Jewish neighbors thrown into a large pit, many still alive and convulsing in agony. Her task was to trample on them barefoot to make space for more. One of those she had to tread on was a classmate.

"You know, we were very poor, we didn't have shoes," Petrivna told Desbois in a single breath, her body twitching in pain, Desbois writes in his book. "You see, it is not easy to walk on bodies."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Frankly, that this story is being put out just when Israel is trying to recover from the PR fallout from their last attack on Gaza is grounds enough for suspicion.

But like so many of my readers, I find this story of children being used to tamp down still-living bodies absurd. It reminds me of the horrific stories of the soap, lampshades, and the electric machine that vaporized bodies, all of which were later exposed as frauds.

Yes, there are probably mass graves in that region. A war was fought there. People, of ALL races, died on both sides and were buried in mass graves.

But once again it appears that the history of what really did happen there is being distorted for the purpose of supporting a particular agenda. And I am highly skeptical, and so should you be.