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Research halted at alleged anthrax mailer's former lab

"The lab was the workplace of Bruce Ivins, who killed himself in July after learning he would be charged in the 2001 anthrax mailings that killed five people," the AP notes. "A memo obtained by The Associated Press says workers are examining the contents of all refrigerators and freezers at the U.S. Army Research Institute of Infectious Diseases at Fort Detrick in Frederick."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The lab was also the workplace of Dr. Philip Zack, the man actually caught entering the lab at night without authorization AFTER losing his job over a racially motivated attack on an Egyptian co-worker.

And closing the lab NOW, after Bruve Ivans is conveniently dead and scapegoated for the anthrax letters, suggests there is still a problem with missing pathogens ... which sort of let's Bruce off of the hook, when you think about it.