John McCain In A 'Nutshell'-- Philanderer, War Pimp, Bush Policy Clone, and Neocon Liar... | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

John McCain In A 'Nutshell'-- Philanderer, War Pimp, Bush Policy Clone, and Neocon Liar...

Back in April 2007, I wrote a zinger about the foolish maverick John McCain after he returned from his triumphant walkabout on the brutal streets of Baghdad. Johnny Boy headed straight for the public airways, where he smirkingly gushed that the streets of Iraq are now 'safe.' The foolish war pimp tried to sell the lie that everything was cozy and secure, even as he strutted around wearing his bulletproof vest, surrounded by a heavily armed military entourage buzzing in air and on the ground all around him. Indeed, according to McCain, Baghdad was safe then, and it's even safer today.
Gee, pass the prozac! I guess we're supposed to forget about the scores of GIs and civilians who have since met their brutal end in the very place McCain pranced around. Funny how ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC, FOX and the rest of the sorry corporate media failed to do follow-up stories, to show those same streets marred with puddles of blood laced with intestinal tracks, brain matter -- clogged with body parts and various limbs scattered about on those same safe streets. When McCain made his announcement, more than 3,200 of his fellow servicemen and women had been slaughtered in Iraq, millions of Iraqis had been displaced, forced to flee the country or killed outright. Today, 4,147 Americans have been killed and we'll never know how many Iraqis, because we don't do body counts.