Belarus secretly delivers Russian warplanes to Sudan - paper | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Belarus secretly delivers Russian warplanes to Sudan - paper

A consignment of Russian fighter jets has been shipped to Sudan from Belarus, in an apparent breach of a UN Security Council resolution banning arms sales to the African state, the Sudan Tribune said.

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Years ago I was sailing on a tall ship, and as we approached the dock it was obvious that the Captain had made the approach too fast. Although it took almost a minute of waiting, everyone on board knew some kind of collision was about to happen, no matter how hard the crew tried to slow the speed of the ship. Finally we did hit, and while the damage was minor, mostly to the port side jumper strut, I recall the sickening feeling of inevitability where you knew disaster was coming and there was nothing you could do about it.

I get that same feeling watching events today. It seems like a new global war is coming and nothing can stop it even though the vast majority of the people living on Earth who will be forced to pay for and die in a new global war with to avoid it. The world's leaders see us all as little more than ants in a jar to be goaded into killing each other off for a few minutes' amusement.