CONFIRMED! German school shooter was taking anti-depressants! | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

CONFIRMED! German school shooter was taking anti-depressants!

Authorities late last week began to think they had something of an answer for the paper. Kretschmer, announced minister of justice Heribert Rech, had left a message on a chatroom the night before he launched his assault on Albertville. He said he was "fed up of his life" and added that "everyone laughs at me, no one recognises my potential". Chillingly, the post went on: "I have weapons here and tomorrow morning I will go to my former school and I will really administer a grilling."

Police, however, by the weekend had come to the view the post was probably a hoax. "Some crazy person obviously put out this dreadful false message," a red-faced Rech admitted. The internet posting, however, did tally with early descriptions of Kretschmer's state of mind in the days and weeks up to the events of Wednesday. It emerged that Kretschmer had been suffering from depression, even attending a clinic and receiving medication for the condition.