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Freedom Rider: Opposing Obama

This weekend's pitifully small peace demonstration in the nation's capitol reveals a near-totally demobilized U.S. Left mired in such timidity and delusion, activists fear to mention Barack Obama's name when denouncing the wars he so aggressively prosecutes. "The new president, who makes no secret of his intention to continue the previous administration's war of terror, escaped serious scrutiny and the condemnation he deserves." Forgetting that power concedes nothing without a demand, the Left shrinks from making real demands of the actual president in power.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Obama is just a very bright, very attractively packaged warmonger, no different from his predecessor in terms of the kind of geopolitical outcome he has promised to achieve for those to whom he holds himself accountable (and I can assure you, these folks are NOT "We the People".

But I would also observe that true conservatives (like Ron Paul, for whom I have an enormous amount of respect) also find this consistent "wars without end" approach to geopolitics truly abhorrent. They know that this kind of behavior on the part of any country puts that country in both moral, and economic, peril.

Paul had two main problems in the 2008 campaign; he wasn't any where near telegenic enough to be elected, and he was telling the American people the truth about what was going to happen if we continued on the road the previous president had this country traveling.

His assessment, unfortunately, has become prophetic.