Violence pins down thousands of rural Colombians | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Violence pins down thousands of rural Colombians

More than 4,400 Colombians were driven from their rural communities or pinned down in their homes Monday by gunfights among leftist rebels, other armed groups and state security forces, the Red Cross said.

The country is still exporting about 600 tons of cocaine annually, despite billions of dollars in U.S. aid aimed at cracking down on the trade.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So much for the effectiveness of much-vaunted "war on drugs".

One has to wonder just how more useful those billions of dollars, spent in this program, might have been spent at home for education, jobs retraining for those who have had their jobs outsourced overseas, or the care of our vets who desperately need medical and social services.

But, of course, those kinds of expenditures would have been logical considerations, and would show true value for the money spent.

What, precisely, has been the benefit and result of the US's "war on drugs"?

It appears the result of this "war" has been that of more drugs available on the streets of this country, not less.

It is oddly ironic that whenever an administration declares "war on any issue (war on poverty, war on drugs, etc.,) the efforts at eradication of whatever the issue is appear only to make the problem worse.