Demjanjuk removed from Ohio home in wheelchair | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Demjanjuk removed from Ohio home in wheelchair

U.S. immigration officers took John Demjanjuk from his Ohio home in a wheelchair on Tuesday to deport him to Germany, where an arrest warrant alleges the frail 89-year-old was a Nazi death camp guard. Demjanjuk was placed in a waiting van as his sobbing wife and other family members watched. As he was taken from the home, Demjanjuk moaned and said "I love you" in Ukrainian to his family members, said former son-in-law Ed Nishnic.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Israel must have its pound of flesh.

More to the point, Israel must be proven right even when they have clearly been so wrong.

The fact that Israel "acquired" Demjanjuk once before, tried him, sentenced him to death, and was about to execute him when evidence surfaced proving he was not "Ivan the Terrible" raises serious questions about all the other alleged war criminals persecuted by Israel. Were they really guilty? Did they deserve the punishments inflicted on them by Israel? If Israel made such a horrendous error with Demjanjuk, how can we assume all the other accused were actually guilty?

So, Israel must be proven right, after a fashion. Demjanjuk may not have been "Ivan the Terrible" but he fed the dogs at the slave labor camp and that by the good of Moses should be enough to convince anyone that Israel is right and just!

But of course, anyone outside the circle of fanatics who cannot stop living in the first half of the last century, the treatment of Demjanjuk only convinces us that the US and Israel have already fallen from their previous moral pinnacles and are just faded old husks of their former selves, reassuring themselves that they are still mighty warriors by publicly whipping a wheelchair-bound old man.