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A Cynical look at the RNC on C-SPAN: Fascist Flag-Waving

I'm watching the RNC on C-SPAN - turned it on at about 8:15 PM Eastern, just in time for Norm Coleman to finish some irrelevant ramblings - now the giant screen on the stage comes alive with super-huge and super-bright RED and WHITE stripes of an American flag waving - slowly and hypnotically - gigantic huge gargantuan American flag. More flags waving, kids holding flags, flags stuck in peoples hair, more flag worship. This reminds me very much of a Nazi rally - flags, flags and more flags and a head-on video of a military attack helicopter (American) making a low pass over the observer - large-caliber tank-busting nose cannon showing our proud American might. Soldiers saluting - it all warms the heart - and makes it skip a beat or two if you were hoping for a more peaceful message. The cameras pan to the audience to make sure the voter sees that there are black Republicans in the audience. From a distance I don't see many blacks at all but there are multiple close-ups of individuals while a black preacher gives a speech giving the illusion of a more mixed audience. I'm sorry for my cynicism but let's be honest here - this is a show to mezmerize the masses of true believers. The Republican Neo-Cons running this clambake are propaganda experts. They are also militaristic corporatists - which is why I so harshly criticize. Now another guy giving a speech with a black girl behind him. This leaves quite a different impression than that from video I saw on TV during the Hurricane Katrina debacle where one black person I saw on live TV was dead in a wheelchair outside. Just sitting there dead. Others stood on rooftops waving to rescuers that in many cases didn't show up for awhile. Others wading through filthy water - or "stealing" bottled water or food to survive. Now my RNC-provided moving picture shows black people assimilated into the Republican political machine - waving Old Glory and cheering on the neo-cons. Somehow I'm not buying it.

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Me neither.

I find it amazing that in a nation that is as war-weary as this one, war is still the centerpiece of the GOP's presentation.