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Police Chief: Palin Fired Me For Campaign Contributors

After taking over as Mayor of the small town of Wasilla, Palin fired the longtime local police chief. The former police chief, Irl Stambaugh says he was fired because he stepped on the toes of Palin's campaign contributors, including bar owners and the National Rifle Association.

Stambaugh's lawyer, William Jermain, says the chief tried to move up the closing hours of local bars from 5 a.m. to two a.m. after a spurt of drunk driving accidents and arrests.

"His crackdown on that practice by the bars was not appreciated by her and that was one reason she terminated Irl," said Jermain.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Taking care of one's friends and destroying those people who are perceived as "enemies"; is this the "change" the American people expect from the next administration?

Or will this ticket simply provide this country with more "cronyocracy", as has so been the case with the current administration?