The Republican Hypocrisy is Enough to Make You Sick | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

The Republican Hypocrisy is Enough to Make You Sick

Let me make it simple: hypocrisy. No Democrat would be foolish enough to state that liberals are perfect. That we're scandal-free. Sinners come in both blue and red. The difference is, Democrats don't sanctimoniously lecture everyone else from the bully pulpit about ethics. About what's moral. About what constitutes "acceptable" family values. About how to live your life. About right and wrong. Good vs. evil. That's what Republicans do. It's conservatives who want to tell us all how to live, who to marry, who to sleep with, what to do with our bodies, when to let a sick loved one die. But time and time again, they are proven to be living a lie. Creating a double-standard. They're all about do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do. They often live in the biggest glass house, yet throw the largest stones. So when they fall, when they sin, when they are exposed as the hypocrites they are, we rejoice. Because that's what they deserve.