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The FBI as an ethical hacker?

The FBI depends on exploiting software bugs to install CIPAV. I would like my software vendors to fix bugs that would let in spyware even if it makes life hard for the FBI. I hope that the software vendors are not leaving bugs unfixed or purposeful back doors just to help the FBI, because sooner or later the bad guys will find them and exploit them -- maybe even against the FBI.

Also I'd like my antispyware software to find and report on all spyware, but there have been reports that some antispyware companies have agreed to ignore the FBI tool. This provides a great opportunity for spyware developers to create software that looks enough like the FBI program so that the antispyware software will ignore it as well.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Anyone here who trusts the FBI to confine its activities to fighting crime needs to go back to yesterday's stories about FBI agents using their little taxpayer-funded toys to watch teenage girls getting naked in dressing rooms.