The New American Century Has Not Been Cancelled | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

The New American Century Has Not Been Cancelled

Anyone who thought the neoconservative project for a new American hegemony was finally cancelled when Obama came to power, promising to change Bush's failed course in Iraq and Afghanistan, has by now had their hopes dashed. The Obama administration has proven itself just as inclined to interventionism and picking up the White Man's Burden as Dubya ever was, albeit with a less coarse and selfish face.

Obama has proven his neoliberal credentials with his strategy for escalation in Afghanistan: a decade-or-two continuation and expansion of Bush's policy there which has no direction, no benchmarks, no clearly defined end-point, no exit ramps and no truth-telling about the costs. Those who backed him because they thought they'd get a foreign policy less hawkish than Clinton's might well suspect they've been sold a pup. On Iran, too, the course has been more Clintonesque than expected, with everyone from Obama on down continually ignoring the intel communities best efforts and lying about the non-existent Iranian nuclear weapons program while suggesting that Iran only has one, rapidly-closing window of opportunity to dismantle its non-existant nukes before diplomacy is once again replaced by broad sanctions and threats of attack.