An Invasion of Pakistan | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

An Invasion of Pakistan

For the first time (to my knowledge) U.S. troops made a significant ground attack on Pakistan territory. This will create a backlash either for the Pakistani government or for the occupation forces in Afghanistan:

The U.S. spokesperson in Afghanistan is playing dumb and denies any involvement of regular U.S. troops. NATO/ISAF also denied to know anything about the incident. That points again to U.S. special force and Afghan commandos units that 'work' independent of the regular line of command.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Watch for a major US/NATO military push into Pakistan if they don't get precisely the concessions they want regarding attacking the Pakistani Taliban in Pakistan.

The US and NATO are attempting to strong-arm the Pakistani government to do something completely stupid: solve a political and social problem with a military solution.

Yes, there may be a temporary lull in fighting after a military strike, but a military strike never addresses the fundamental problems which cause people to become radicalized in the first place.