Mr. Visible Meets the Invisible Man. | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Mr. Visible Meets the Invisible Man.

There’s this swine flu that’s turned into a full blown epidemic of press coverage about itself without being much of anything at all. Like some of you, I have a curious nature. Automatically, my mind goes rummaging around behind what I am being told and it keeps doing that until a little plausibility chime goes off and then… it fleshes it out like those clothes on the invisible man again.

It’s not really swine flu. It’s a designer flu and it didn’t just come out of Nature any more than a car does. The things that make the car come out of Nature but not the car itself. That’s as much as you need to know to start looking for who made it. You don’t have to wonder whether it was self-generated so we can move to the next steps; who made it? Why did they make it? Why did they blow it out of proportion after they released it? Why did they release it where they did? There are other questions but these will do for now because I’m not going to answer these questions. I know the answers in a general way. You can learn most things just by following Cui Bono.