When Hubris Pushes itself off the Cliff. | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

When Hubris Pushes itself off the Cliff.

We could have had a better world a long time ago. Along the way a lot of people have worked for a better world. It’s clear that ‘civilization’, whatever that word is supposed to mean, hasn’t been all that helpful. It’s clear that the level of civilization in Ancient Greece and other locations have not been improved on since their time. One might say that things have gotten worse. Certainly the comfort level has gone up and existence is more convenient for those who can afford it but… there’s an argument for believing that we have actually been going down hill since more primitive times. The only positive note seems to be that time has sped up so that you don’t have to be here as long as in the past. It certainly feels like it’s going faster and that’s not good news either considering the general direction that civilization ‘appears’ to be headed in.