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Sarah Palin's Strange eBay Exaggeration

Politicians lie. They all do. The ones we have running all will lie, and if you're not choked with pure idealism you'll admit it. In fact, if you're jaded enough, you might even come to accept it, even respect it when it's done well. The concept isn't perplexing, especially when a deftly placed, glibly drawn half-truth can get yourself out of a dead-end argument.

What is perplexing, however, are unnecessary lies. Silly falsehoods, said for no apparent reason, on topics that the world would have totally avoided had you not lied about it in the first place. One strange Sarah Palin falsehood, which she acclaimed as truth yesterday and the campaign reaffirmed tonight in video was that she successfully auctioned a private jet she deemed unnecessary for the State of Alaska to maintain on eBay. It's a strange falsehood because, in the first place, really, who cares?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

A long time ago, I pointed out a strange lie by then-President Bill Clinton, who claimed he had given up junk food only to be photographed leaving a McDonalds right here on Oahu.

I observed at the time that a man willing to lie about insignificant things like a Big Mac was a man equally willing to lie about much larger issues, including things that affected our own lives. As the balance of Clinton's administration bore out, that observation was an accurate one.

And now we have a new candidate, Sarah Palin, caught in a trivial lie about an incident that nobody would have cared about at all were it not for the fact of the lie itself.