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State falling way behind No Child Left Behind

California schools, required by the federal No Child Left Behind Act to lift more students over a higher academic hurdle this year, instead stumbled and slipped back, as nearly 1,400 fewer schools met test-score targets.

The number of schools making "adequate yearly progress" plunged from 6,488 to 5,113 since last year, according to state educators who released school progress reports Thursday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The "No Child Left Behind Act" almost guarantees academic failure, rather than insuring academic success. Talk to any educator in a public school system, and they will tell you this is so.

If a teacher is continually "teaching for the tests", they have absolutely no time to really work with kids for whom English is a second or possibly third language. They lag behind the rest of their class, right up to the point where they become discipline problems in order to stay out of school. Then, they drop out because the school really has nothing to offer them but frustration.