Hate Crimes and Congressional Slime | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Hate Crimes and Congressional Slime

I don’t much care about Mz. California or any other twit who mouths banal phrases about nothing at all while trying to sell my imagination on what it would be like to bang Barbie after she had a head on collision with a cosmetics factory. I don’t care about Gay Marriage or any of the other dress up illusions that different theater groups get into while they are doing their version of “The King of Hearts”. What concerns me is the other kind of false flag activity where so called victims manufacture crimes against themselves in order to make life for everyone just a little more unlivable with each succeeding day. That such crimes are manufactured is already well known, given how many times they’ve been caught at it in recent years.

As families are tossed into the streets and unemployment eases up to 20%, while the government is engaged in routine murder abroad at the behest of corporations AND while the infrastructure crumbles and the education system comes to resemble a Krispy Kreme donut franchise we find that the most important consideration before us is how can we bend ourselves into pretzels to accommodate a variety of movements that cannot be accommodated.